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Media contact for the Gruner Group

Gruner Ltd
Gellertstrasse 55
4020 Basel
T +41 61 317 61 61
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Kaspar Döbeli
Head Corporate Communications Gruner Group
T +41 61 317 60 19
kaspar[punkt]doebeli [ät] gruner[punkt]ch

Media release, 08.09.2019

Gruner Group enters a new fiscal year

Olivier Aebi, CEO Gruner Gruppe

Olivier Aebi, CEO Gruner Group

Media release (PDF 75 KB)

Publication, 08.05.2019

Annual Publication 2019

2019 Annual Publication - Gruner – All according to plan.jpg

Annual Publication 2019 (PDF, 1.95 MB)

Media release, 15.10.2018

The Gruner Group appoints a new CEO

Media release, 15.10.2018 (PDF 127 KB)

Media release, 20.06.2018

Management change at Gruner Group

Media release, 20.06.2018 (PDF 121 KB)

Media release, 25.04.2018

Gruner Group enters a new fiscal year

Media release, 25.04.2018 (PDF 131 KB)

Publication, 25.04.2018

Annual Publication 2018

Front Annual Publication_2018 ENG

Annual Publication 2018 (PDF, 2,4 MB)

Media release, 10.07.2017

Dietrich Wepf, PhD, to retire

Media release (PDF, 160 KB)

Media release, 30.06.2017

Staff-related changes at Gruner Group

Media release (PDF, 128 KB)

Media release, 21.06.2017

Gruner Kiwi AG to be further integrated into the Gruner Group

Media release, 21.06.2017 (PDF, 125 KB)

Media release, 19.04.2017

The Gruner Group – 2016 Financial Year

Financial Year 2016 (PDF, 132 KB)

Publication, 19.04.2017

Annual Publication 2017

Jahrespublikation 2017 Englisch

Annual Publication (PDF, 7,1 MB)

Media release, 08.04.2016

The Gruner Group – 2015 Financial Year

Financial Year 2015 (PDF, 56 KB)

Publication, 08.04.2016

Annual Publication 2016

Annual Publication (PDF, 5,1 MB)

Media release, 31.08.2015

New Cologne subsidiary marks expansion of Gruner's fire protection department.

Media release, August 31,2015

Media release, 24.04.2015

The Gruner Group – 2014 Financial Year

Financial Year 2014 (PDF, 105 KB)

Publication, 24.04.2015

Annual Publication 2015


Annual Publication (PDF, 7,2 MB)

Media release, 09.09.2014

Accompanied by the CEO of Stucky SA, ministers from Myanmar are visiting Vieux Emosson 

Media release (PDF, 383 KB)

Media release, 15.04.2014

The Gruner Group – 2013 Financial Year

Financial Year 2013 (PDF, 81KB)

Publication, 02.01.2014

Annual Publication 2014

Living the vison 14

Annual Publication (PDF, 3,5 MB)

Media release 14.02.2013

Stucky joins Gruner Group

Stucky Ltd, based in Renens, Switzerland, became a member company of the Gruner Group with effect from February 12, 2013. The merger has put the two independent and innovative engineering companies in an excellent position to master the challenges facing the energy and infrastructure sectors, both in Switzerland and internationally.


Dr. Stefan Mützenberg, Christoph Ernst, Adrian Keller, Miguel Stucky, Gérald Cavin, Prof. Dr. Jean-Claude Badoux, Flavio Casanova, Thomas Ernst, Gérard de Montmollin, RA Jörg Kilchmann