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Honoring our responsibility

for our future

Gruner is committed to the promotion of young talent and the active sponsorship of selected research projects aimed at technical innovation. Through our activities in the most influential professional associations of the Swiss construction sector, we seek to shape the framework governing our everyday business.

Sponsorship of research projects

Through start­up funding or direct involvement, we support research projects aimed at innovating the tech-nology of tomorrow. Our building services specialists, for instance, are assisting the Swiss Federal Institute of Tech­nology (ETH) Zurich in the design and con­struction of the “HiLo” research module. As part of the NEST (Next Evolution in Sustainable Building) platform of Empa* and Eawag**, the project focuses on ultralightweight con­struction ( As a member of the FHNW Foundation Board, we also sponsor various research products conducted at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

* * Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
** Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology

Partnerships with higher education institutes

Gruner Group employees act as lecturers, speakers or experts at universities and other higher education institutes. They share their skills and hands-­on project experience, and promote the transfer of knowledge and tech­nology between the students and Gruner.

Targeted deve­lop­ment of young talent

We have been actively involved in supporting young engineers for many years. We offer in­ternships within the Gruner Group. We also partner the ETH Foundation in its “Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme”. Under this scheme, scholarships are granted to students who produce exceptional work. Moreover, the “Gruner Diplompreis” is awarded on an annual basis to outstanding civil engineering graduates at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW) and the Bern University of Applied Sciences.

Networking in professional associations

As a member of various professional construction industry associations, we champion the needs of the sector: in an advisory role, in education and by safeguarding its interests at a political level. We are, for example, represented in the Swiss Association of Road and Transportation Experts (VSS); in the Swiss Association of Consulting Engineers (usic) as Board Member; on various committees of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Archi-tects (sia); and as expert on the Swiss Federal Geological Commission (FGC).