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Highly sensitive solutions

For the design and construction of infrastructure facilities of all types and scale, Gruner provides its customers with solutions that combine cost-effectiveness with eco-efficiency.

Our wide-ranging services are backed up by the in-depth knowledge and expertise of our employees as well as both time-tested and cutting-edge tools.

Railroad and rapid-transit systems

Customized end-to-end solutions for efficient infrastructure

Design development, Feasibility studies, Fitness-for-purpose assessments, Assessments of expediency, Implementation, Maintenance planning, Monitoring, Operational concepts, Operational management, Overall design, Repairs, Strategic planning, Value maintenance, Viability

Economic success places high demands on mobility. The railroad system is a core component of the overall transport infrastructure, providing a high level of efficiency particularly in urban centers. At the same time, interregional passenger and freight services also benefit from a well-developed rail network. In addressing these needs, our generalists and specialists work together to develop customized end-to-end solutions.

Building Types:
Depots, Public circulation areas, Public transit, Railroad installations, Rapid-transit systems, Stations, Stops/stations, Streetcars