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Building services

and energy systems

The development comprises a mix of hotel and office accommodation on the upper stories along with spacious lobby and reception spaces on the ground floor. Its massing is based on the concept two interlocking volumes. The LEED-certified system for the production of (heating and cooling) energy employs heat pumps with a natural refrigerant that are served by a 250 m deep downhole heat exchanger array.

Gruner Gruneko AG was commissioned to plan the building services and energy systems. The energy concept is based on the use of geothermal probes to heat and cool the building.

To increase planning reliability and reduce the costs of building complex heating and cooling systems that use geothermal probes or groundwater, we have developed a practical method of coupling building, system, probe and groundwater flow simulations. This enables us to model the entire building and subsoil and view them as a whole in project development activities.

Gruner engineers specializing in building services, energy systems, hydrogeology and simulation are working closely together to plan the downhole heat exchanger arrays.



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