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Strong Roots
The legal Entities

Gruner is managed by its Business Units. But the company has strong and widespread roots. Over the decades, the engineering company, originally founded in 1862 in Basel, has changed and expanded, adapted to changing customer needs and merged with strong and established companies. This origin can be read partly in the current legal entities and is also reflected in the market with the Stucky brand name. Together we are Gruner:

Gruner Ltd, Switzerland

Gruner Berchtold Eicher AG, Switzerland

Gruner Böhringer AG, Switzerland

Gruner Schweiz AG, Switzerland

Gruner Deutschland GmbH, Germany

Gruner GmbH, Germany

Gruner GmbH, Austria

Gruner Roschi AG, Switzerland

Gruner Stucky Ltd, Switzerland

Gruner Balkans d.o.o., Serbia

Gruner Stucky Caucasus Ltd, Georgia

Stucky Teknik Eng. & Cons. Comp. Ltd, Turkey