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Gruner Balkans d.o.o.

Headquartered in Belgrade, Serbia.

Gruner Balkans d.o.o., founded in 2010 under the name of Stucky Balkans, is an engineering and planning company in Belgrade, Serbia. We strengthen Gruner internationally with our core competencies in the provision of consulting services on the implementation of the project of dams, hydropower plants, hydrotechnical facilities, energy projects, structural and civil engineering.

We offer private and public clients our many years of experience and our comprehensive expertise as general or specialized planners. Qualified and committed employees develop customer-specific solutions and successfully implement them within the scope of overall or specialized planning mandates. Interdisciplinary project teams tailored to the task at hand guarantee efficient project execution in terms of deadlines, economy and quality.

Our specialists have experience in standardization and international standards, intercultural competence, and foreign language skills.

Discover the capabilities of Gruner Stucky Ltd in this film.

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Business Unit with legal sender Gruner Balkans d.o.o.:
> Energy Balkans (Management: Cane Cekerevac)

Location: Belgrade, Serbia