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Clean energy for clean living

We have designed and overseen the execution of projects in Switzerland and worldwide, from the feasibility to the commissioning stage, always with an eye to optimizing technical, safety, ecological and economic performance.

We offer a wide variety of design services and sustainable solutions covering

  • biomass power plants,
  • combined heat and power generation,
  • geothermal energy use,
  • Heating and refrigeration and electricity production
  • Hybrid solutions (including battery energy storage)
  • Power-to-Gas including green hydrogen production
  • long-distance heat transmission
  • Solar power including both residential and industrial photovoltaic arrays.
  • Wind energy

A special mention must be made of our long history of working specifically in the domain of hydropower and dams, in 2013 Gruner introduced Stucky Ltd into the Gruner group as it was then. Like Gruner, Stucky has a long lineage of great engineers starting with its founder Alfred Stucky who initially moved to the Vaud while working for Gruner to work on the Montsalvens dam.

Gruner Stucky Ltd.'s unique history and experience, its skills and international recognition in the fields of dams, hydroelectric power plants, energy and the environment have been combined with those of Gruner to great success. Our hydropower service offering therefore covers:

All kinds of dam: embankment dams both rock-fill earthfill and all other version such as Asphalt Core Rockfill dams (ACRD), Concrete faced Rockfill dams (CFRD)s, gravity dams, Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams, arch dams, concrete buttress dams,

  1. Hydropower plants of all type (high-pressure, run-of-river and pumped-storage, with Kaplan, Pelton and Francis turbines)
  2. Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES)
  3. Switchgear and transmission lines up to and exceeding 400 kV
  4. Hybrid projects for combination of hydropower (with or without storage) with wind or photovoltaic energy sources
  5. Hydraulic systems such as long-distance water transfer pipelines, penstock, pipes, pressure shafts and large-bore penstock tunnels
  6. Underground works such as tunnels and caverns for hydropower plants, road and rail traffic, incl. assessment of excavation options, e.g. Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) vs. blasting
  7. Ancillary structures for energy generation systems, incl. machine buildings, outdoor facilities, switchgear etc.

With regards to the different stages of any project with an installation mentioned above, we provide the following

Strategic planning

  • Preparation of Masterplans for river basins
  • Strategic assessments (regional, national)
  • Market studies and support in obtaining concessions
  • Technical support in project development
  • Project checking and assessment for development decisions
  • Hazard / risk assessments for flood events

Preliminary studies

Preliminary and feasibility studies include all prefeasibility and feasibility design as well as associated studies for new construction or for the modernization and/or rehabilitation projects

The investigations and tasks included in the realization of preliminary studies may include:

  • Procurement and supervision of field investigations (topography, hydrology, geology, geotechnics etc.)
  • Preparation of background geological and geotechnical reports
  • Seismic studies
  • Viability studies and financial analyses
  • Hydrological and hydraulic studies
  • Analysis of alternatives
  • Impact of climate change, incl. resilience assessments
  • Due diligence studies

Design engineering and project development

This phase of a project includes the concept design, the main design, and building application procedure for new construction and/or modernization and rehabilitation projects.


Support throughout the tendering phase and procedure, from prequalification, invitation to tender (incl. bill of quantities), tender comparison, application for contract award up to technical assistance in contract negotiations

We are highly experienced in providing support for all contract types including FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book as well as EPC / turnkey contracts. We can give support due to our wide experience in all of the engineering roles including Owner’s engineer, EPC engineer and Independent/lender’s engineer


To date, our engineers and specialists have successfully completed well over 100 major schemes for the construction, extension and rehabilitation of dams and hydropower plants in Switzerland and abroad. We therefore have significant historical and current knowledge and experience in the implementation of projects of all types of installations.

  • Construction management services
  • Site supervision / monitoring
  • Acceptance inspections for construction works
  • Supervision of commissioning, incl. support and training for owner and operator
  • Contract types include FIDIC Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book as well as EPC / turnkey contracts
  • Client consulting services
  • EPC engineering services
  • Independent lender’s engineering services

Commissioning & operations

The commissioning phase is essential to the subsequent safe operation of the plant, and therefore has to be carefully planned and executed. Our services include:

  • Capacity building
  • Operation and maintenance manuals
  • Emergency planning
  • Dam safety assessments, incl. hazard / risk assessment for flood events
  • Supervision and support during operation and maintenance
  • Due diligence studies

Your contact person

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Head of Energy Balkans
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Head of Hydropower Equipment, T&D
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Stefan Mützenberg
Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Business Area Energy
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Gruner Stucky SA
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Brendan Quigley
Head of Hydropower, Dams
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Gruner Stucky SA
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Stefan Mützenberg
Head of Power plants and energy systems a.i.
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