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Swiss pioneers in commerce and engi­neer­ing


Swiss pioneers in commerce and engi­neer­ing

History of the Gruner


Carl Heinrich Gruner founds an engineering company focusing on water supply in Basel.


New services in the field of traffic and transport are added to the company’s portfolio.


The company becomes a joint-stock company, Gruner AG.


With the establishment of the Gruneko Schweiz AG affiliate, services in the field of building services and energy systems are offered for the first time.


Böhringer AG in Oberwil becomes a member of the Gruner Group. The company was founded in 1952.


The main department, Environmental Protection and Ecology, is founded. An interdisciplinary team covers this field of activity, which today is the Environment, Safety Division.


Tausky Leu Müller, Bauingenieure AG, a civil engineering company based in Zurich and founded in 1919, becomes part of the Gruner Group.


Heinzelmann AG, located in Brugg and founded in 1940, becomes a member of the Gruner Group.


Uli Lippuner AG joins the Gruner Group and becomes a subsidiary of Gruner AG, Basel.


Lüem AG, founded in 1907, becomes a Gruner AG affiliate.


Newly established company Gruner & Partner in Leipzig takes on the task of representing the Group in the new eastern states of Germany.


The Gruner Group expands its service offering and creates the General Planning Division.


Affiliated company Tausky Leu Müller, Bauingenieure AG in Zurich, part of the Gruner Group since 1985, changes its name to Gruner AG Ingenieure und Planer.


Frey Strub AG in Olten, founded in 1979, becomes an affiliate of Heinzelmann AG in Brugg.


  • Frey Strub AG is integrated into Heinzelmann AG, which changes its name to Gruner Ingenieure AG.
  • Berchtold + Eicher Bauingenieure AG becomes a new group company within the Gruner Group.


Roschi + Partner AG, a building services and energy system design firm with headquarters in Ittigen (today in Köniz) and a subsidiary in Solothurn, is integrated into the Gruner Group.


  • With the establishment of Gruner GmbH in Vienna, the Group steps up its presence in Austria.
  • The wepf ingenieure ag group becomes the newest member of the Gruner Group.
  • In the St. Gallen region, the Wepf Group companies are amalgamated into Gruner + Wepf Ingenieure AG, St. Gallen.
  • In the Zurich area, the companies of wepf ingenieure ag merge with Gruner AG Ingenieure und Planer to form Gruner + Wepf Ingenieure AG, Zürich



Gruner International Ltd is established in Brugg to handle the foreign business. In the same year, Aarau-based H. Tanner consulting engineers is integrated into Gruner Ingenieure AG in Brugg as an affiliate.


  • Kiwi Systemingenieure und Berater AG, headquartered in Dübendorf and with subsidiaries in Basel and Prague, becomes the newest member of the Gruner Group.
  • With the founding of Gruner Peru S.A.C. in Lima, the Group gains its first foothold in Peru.


The Gruner Group celebrates 150 years in business.


  • The Stucky Group, headquartered in Renens, Canton of Vaud, and with affiliates in Georgia, Turkey, Portugal and Serbia, becomes the newest member of the Gruner Group.
  • Gruner establishes a company in Stuttgart for the provision of fire safety solutions: Gruner GmbH, Stuttgart.
  • In Renens, at Stucky SA’s headquarters, the Gruner Group gains a new presence in French-speaking Switzerland with subsidiaries of Gruner AG and Gruneko Schweiz AG.


With the exception of Stucky SA, the member companies of the Gruner Group in locations all around the world all operate under the Gruner brand.


Founding of Gruner GmbH, Köln, specialized in fire protection solutions.

The Gruner Group is represented in Zurich by a branch of Stucky Ltd.

Gruner Czech s.r.o. discontinues ist activities in the Czech Republic. 


Founding of Gruner GmbH, Hamburg, specialized in fire protection solutions.


Gruner Ingenieure AG is integrated into Gruner Ltd. Gruner Ltd is represented in Brugg and Aarau by branches. 

Gruner Kiwi AG is integrated into Gruner Gruneko AG. Gruner Gruneko AG is represented in Dübendorf by a branch. 

Gruner Ltd is founding a branch in St. Gallen, Gruner GmbH, Stuttgart in Munich. 


Gruner GmbH, Hamburg is represented in Berlin by a branch. 

Gruner Gruneko AG, Dübendorf is relocating to Zurich. 

Gruner is founding Gruner Generalplanung AG with headquarters in Basel. A branch of the new company is registered in Zurich.


Gruner Ltd is founding a branch in Zug. 

From Gruner Group to Gruner: introduction of a new management und organizational structure based on the customer segments of Buildings, Infrastructure and Energy.


Founding of a new branch in Freiburg (CH).

Founding of a new branch in Berneck (CH).