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Excavation pit and deep foundation The Circle

Zurich Airport

From 2020, The Circle will be the new place-to-be at Zurich Airport. It is an architecturally striking building complex where new hotels and offices will meet gastronomy, art and culture.

The service centre will be built at the foot of the Butzenbüel Hill on an area of around 37,000 square metres on behalf of the client Flughafen Zürich AG.

The overhanging facade along the Butzenbüel ring places high demands on the foundation system. In order to keep the building deformations within the permissible range, a deep foundation tailored to the problem was designed in the form of a large-scale shaft foundation. Due to the partially unstable subsoil layers and boundary conditions, excavation pit closures and safety measures were necessary for the construction of the excavation pit.

The services provided by Gruner Ltd, Geotechnical Engineering Department include:

  • Study before preliminary project
  • Preliminary project
  • Construction project for overall project Lot 1
  • Tendering and monitoring of subsoil investigations and measures to preserve evidence
  • Tender
  • Execution project and construction supervision for subproject Lot 1R