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Dietikon integrated urban transport strategy

Analysis, strategy

In light of extensive changes to the transport infrastructure (including the Limmattalbahn, doubling of the BDWM rail line and upgrading of Überlandstrasse), the town of Dietikon commissioned Gruner Ltd to develop an integrated urban transport strategy. The SWOT analysis-based mobility strategy provided a basis for developing the focus areas of planning work. The current and future status of the network was also analysed in detail. All in all, more than 40 individual lines of action were developed. Since the resulting strategic study includes all modes of transport, it will enable the town of Dietikon to make a swift, coordinated response to the changes that are expected to occur in the next few years.

Gruner Ltd provided the following services:

  • Analysis of the transport system 
  • Traffic modeling with the cantonal traffic model
  • Mobility strategy
  • Development of focus areas
  • Development of lines of action
  • Cost estimates