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A5 westbound master project

The missing westbound section of the A5 freeway at Biel (Bienne) is to link to the left bank of Lake Biel with the A16 and the T5 (Berne) and connect the city of Biel to the expressway network. The master planning work for this westbound section of the A5 is extremely complex in terms of mapping and traffic engineering since the route runs through an urban area and a full plus a semi-junction need to be designed for a very narrow space. As part of the preliminary master planning, a large number of junction options were examined and assessed in terms of traffic engineering, routing and construction.
Within the engineering consortium, Gruner Ltd provided the following services for the master project:

  • Engineering design of major and local junctions
  • VISSIM traffic flow simulations for junction zones, factoring in the BTI suburban rail system
  • Mapping of main route and junction structures
  • Plans for special operating conditions and intervention routes
  • Additional professional routing and traffic consultancy services for concurrent urban test planning.