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Waldenburg Railway


The Waldenburg Railway runs approx. 13 km between the Liestal and Waldenburg railway stations. The entire infrastructure of tracks and railway stations is to be renewed in the years 2019 to 2022. In addition, the route will be expanded from 75 cm to a track gauge of one meter.

Because the valley floor is home to the cantonal road, the Vordere Frenke river and settlements in addition to the Waldenburg Railway, space for the planning was very limited. The set schedule is also ambitious: The rail closure must be coordinated with construction work undertaken by SBB at the Liestal railway station.

The Gruner Group is providing comprehensive services for this project. Three specialist teams are planning and providing consulting for the entire route: Gruner AG’s Infrastructure Division is responsible for 2.3 km of route planning, incl. the Lampenberg and Hirschlang railway stations, while Gruner AG’s Environment Division is in charge of the ecological site supervision and Gruner Böhringer AG is conducting hydraulic and river engineering works as well as part of the surveying. The focus is on flood protection measures in Niederdorf, where the channel will be widened and lowered, as well as on the renaturation of the Frenke in Hölstein.