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Transit route through the village of Horn

Operational and design masterplan

Up to now, the Seestrasse – the main lakeshore road transiting the community of Horn – was oriented primarily to road traffic needs. In addition to drafting an operational and design masterplan (BGK) for this thoroughfare, other traffic-calming measures were planned as part of the local agglomeration program. 

Particular attention was paid to non-motorized transport. The BGK helps to lessen the divide that the traffic artery created between the village and the shores of Lake Constance. The international Lake Constance cycleway follows certain sections of the road. As this cycleway is heavily used, particularly in the summer months (1,400 bicycles per day on a monthly average, with a peak of 3,211 per day), ample provision had to be made for the various crossing points.

Special road design measures are being implemented to enhance the center of the village.

The main (cantonal) road is also used for outsize loads.

Scope of services:

  • Operational and design masterplan for the main transit road and the adjoining streets and squares
  • Preliminary and construction project for the Seestrasse as a transit route