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    Building energy systems
    Energy efficient building design

    Investing in our energy future. As general planner, we not only provide you with technical support, but also advise you on eco-efficiency and business management issues. In developing solutions for our energy future, Gruner’s experts are involved at all project stages, from strategic planning and design through to operation. Their work embraces the investigation of renewable energy systems as well as the applications of geothermal, biomass, hydropower, solar and CHP (combined heat and power) technology.

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    Andreas Schmid
    Head of Building services Basel
    +41 61 367 94 70 |

    Gruner AG
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    CH-4020 Basel

    Marc Haberthür
    Head of Department Heating / Refrigeration
    +41 31 917 20 31 |

    Gruner AG
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    CH-3098 Köniz


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