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From strategic planning and integrated project planning to value retention

Roads are the main arteries of our transport infrastructure. They are both high-performance local transport links and efficient transport links between the centers.

At Gruner, we design, plan and implement infrastructure projects and we are proud to contribute to their construction, development and maintenance. We advise and support our clients in their road infrastructure projects. We are also committed to promoting and encouraging engineering solutions that contribute to sustainable development objectives.

Our main objective is to ensure safe, comfortable and efficient infrastructure, while taking into account the needs and requirements of each of the stakeholders, whether they are owners, managers or operators of the network, users and residents.

Our aim is to meet your specific needs in relation to road and civil engineering and to offer you quality support that takes into account the current and future opportunities and challenges in this field.

 We rely on advanced, efficient and innovative tools and working methods, interdisciplinary project teams, consisting of generalists and experts, as well as a participatory and transparent approach.

Each infrastructure project is unique. We develop tailor-made projects to meet the individual requirements and needs of each of our clients, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders.

What are the key issues in the design and implementation of sustainable and coherent civil engineering and infrastructure projects?

We accompany and support you in solving the following issues:

  • How to manage municipal or urban infrastructure in an appropriate way?
  • How can I contribute to achieving the objectives of sustainable development in my civil engineering and road infrastructure projects?
  • How to implement a sustainable development approach in my projects?
  • How can I develop sustainable and coherent civil engineering and infrastructure projects?

Through our services and solutions, we put our skills and know-how at your disposal for your projects:

  • Maintenance, reinforcement and construction of pavements and roadworks (e.g. junctions, islands);
  • Urban development, in particular to enhance and improve the safety, quality and accessibility of public spaces;
  • Safety, planning and development of infrastructure for soft mobility (e.g. pedestrian crossings, cycle paths, greenways);
  • Development of public transport routes and bus stops (including compliance with the Federal Law on the Elimination of Inequalities Affecting People with Disabilities);
  • Stormwater management of road infrastructure, with the aim of preventive and sustainable water management;
  • Construction or renewal of industrial pipelines and wastewater and sewage networks;
  • Road noise remediation.

We also assist you in integrating and promoting environmental and sustainable development issues in your projects, including

  • The development of a sustainable development approach and criteria in your internal procedures and for your calls for tender;
  • The use of recycled materials, with the aim of improving the closure of resource cycles;
  • The development of adapted execution methodologies, in order to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development objectives.

What are the key questions regarding infrastructure maintenance management and security audits?

We can help you develop and implement solutions to answer the following questions:

  • How can I sustainably manage my road infrastructure network?
  • How to maintain a satisfactory level of comfort and safety on my road network, while optimising my annual maintenance budget?
  • How can I maintain and preserve the value of my road assets?

Our tailor-made and sustainable solutions will help you to manage and maintain the value of your road assets and keep your road infrastructure in a good state of comfort and safety, while optimising the budget allocated to works,

To achieve this, we rely on :

  • Programmes and analysis tools for the inspection, audit, and monitoring of the condition of your road network
  • A review of the maintenance needs of your network and the definition of the corresponding maintenance measures (works)
  • The development of an optimised maintenance strategy adapted to your budget and requirements, allowing prioritisation and coordination of interventions
  • An audit of your road infrastructure projects or existing road infrastructure to identify safety deficiencies (RSA and RSI tools).

What are the key issues with the design, dimensioning and structural behaviour of infrastructure?

If you are asking yourself:

  • How do I design optimised pavement structures for site constraints and loads?
  • Which pavement structures and materials are most suitable for my infrastructure?
  • How to design and dimension optimised variants with high added value?
  • How can I exploit the structural potential of existing pavements during maintenance work?
  • How can I diagnose my infrastructure following the appearance of premature deterioration?

We put our expertise at your service to help you answer these questions. To do this, we rely in particular on :

  • Carrying out structural design calculations (both new-build and strengthening) using advanced calculation tools and methods for road pavements, multimodal platforms and tramways, and railways
  • The development and use of innovative pavement structures and materials to meet specific technical needs.

Our methodologies and calculation tools allow, among other things

  • The use of the residual structural potential of the materials in place, thus optimising the costs and duration of the works
  • The use of materials and the development of variants adapted to the stresses and constraints of the site

Your contact person

Bernhard Senn
Head of Transport Infrastructure
+41 61 317 63 68 |

Gruner AG
St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
CH-4020 Basel

Markus Doessegger
Head of Infrastructure Zurich, Brugg
+41 56 460 69 20 |

Gruner AG
Altenburgerstrasse 4
CH-5200 Brugg

Jean-François Wavre
Head of Environment and Structure Western Switzerland
+41 21 637 15 28 |

Gruner Stucky SA
Rue de la Gare de Triage 5
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Emmanuel Everbecq
Head of Transport Infrastructure Western Switzerland
+41 21 637 15 84 |

Gruner Stucky SA
Rue de la Gare de Triage 5
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Thomas Wahl
Head of Infrastructure Leipzig
+49 341 21 72 664 |

Gruner Deutschland GmbH
Dufourstrasse 28
D-04107 Leipzig

Christian Epper
Head of Infrastructure Eastern Switzerland
+41 71 394 00 16 |

Gruner AG
Oberstrasse 153
CH-9000 St. Gallen

Marc Frutiger
Head of Department Urban, municipal civil engineering
+41 31 544 24 55 |

Gruner Schweiz AG
Industriestrasse 1
CH-3052 Zollikofen

Juri Schuler
Head of Infrastructure Central Switzerland
+41 41 748 21 07 |

Gruner AG
Chamerstrasse 170
CH-6300 Zug

Alexander Merz
Head of Department Infrastructure Zurich
+41 43 299 74 87 |

Gruner AG
Thurgauerstrasse 80
CH-8050 Zürich


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