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Sanitary installations, sprinkler systems
Building services

The seamless integration of building services installations into the architectural and structural design concept is one of the core tasks of our generalists and M&E specialists. The resulting systems are ideal for user needs.
Working in tandem with our customers, we analyze the scheme and develop concepts, designs and construction programs, plus associated operating and maintenance regimes, for the entire M&E component of a project.
With complex buildings, the design development for all building services systems is closely supervised by our generalists. Optimizations are implemented in collaboration with the project team. Our specialists then hone the technical solutions into a product that maximizes eco-efficiency and cost-effectiveness over the full service life of the facility.

Your contact person

Raphael Bammerlin
Head of Department HVAC Systems I
+41 61 367 94 94 |

Gruner AG
St. Jakobs-Strasse 199
CH-4020 Basel

Franz Siegenthaler
Head of Sanitary installations / Sprinkler systems
+41 31 917 20 97 |

Gruner AG
Sägestrasse 73
CH-3098 Köniz


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