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Specialist for water and energy

Stucky was founded in 1926 and is an engineering and planning company that is an international leader in the field of large dams. With our key competencies in the fields of dams, hydroelectric power plants, energy production and transport, and the environment, we contribute to the strengthening of Gruner.

Our private and public customers are seduced by our many years of experience and our comprehensive technical know-how. Our qualified and motivated employees develop specific customer solutions and successfully implement them within the scope of global or specialized planning mandates. Interdisciplinary project teams, which are specially put together on a case-by-case basis, guarantee a smooth project flow in terms of deadlines, costs and quality.

Business Units with the Stucky brand:

> Infrastructure Suisse Romande (Management: Jean-François Wavre)
> Hydropower, dams (Management: Brendan Quigley)
> Power plant equipment, transmission grids (Management: Yann Favrel)
> Stucky Balkans (Management: Cane Cekerevac)

Locations: Renens, Martigny, Fribourg (Switzerland), Belgrade (Serbia), Tbilisi (Georgia), Ankara (Turkey)

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Your contact person

Stefan Mützenberg
Member of the Executive Committee, Head of Business Area Energy
+41 21 637 15 32 | c3RlZmFuLm11ZXR6ZW5iZXJnQGdydW5lci5jaA==

Stucky AG
Rue du Lac 33
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Jean-François Wavre
Head of Infrastructure Western Switzerland
+41 21 637 15 28 | amVhbi1mcmFuY29pcy53YXZyZUBzdHVja3kuY2g=

Stucky AG
Rue du Lac 33
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Brendan Quigley
Head of Hydropower, Dams
+41 21 637 15 72 | YnJlbmRhbi1tYXJ0aW4ucXVpZ2xleUBzdHVja3kuY2g=

Stucky AG
Rue du Lac 33
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Yann Favrel
Head of Hydropower Equipment, T&D
+41 21 637 15 79 | eWFubi5mYXZyZWxAc3R1Y2t5LmNo

Stucky AG
Rue du Lac 33
CH-1020 Renens VD 1

Cane Cekerevac
Head of Energy Balkans
+41 21 637 15 89 | Y2FuZS5jZWtlcmV2YWNAc3R1Y2t5LmNo

Stucky Balkans d.o.o.
Boulevard Mihajla Pupina 115E, VI
RS-11070 Belgrad

Grigol Matcharadze
Head of Stucky Caucasus Ltd
+99 5322 25 06 01 | Z2lhLm1hdGNoYXJhZHplQHN0dWNreS5jaA==

Stucky Caucasus Ltd
11, Apakidze Str., 7th floor
GE-Tbilisi, 0160

The history and capabilities of Stucky 

Some dimensions of our digital planning can be seen in the use of BIM in the project PST - Parking à Y-Parc

Thanks to David Harmax for the music

Selected references

Fish migration
Wind farm Muttenz
Baye de Clarens
400-kV SF6 Chamoson substation
SBB, CEVA rail link, Geneva
Hydroelectric power station Enguri, Georgia
Modernization of the Fribourg railway station
Cambambe arch dam
Construction of the new Muttsee dam, Glarus Alps
Deriner dam and under­ground hydropower plant
Vieux Emosson dam
161 kV transmission lines and associated substations