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This great common journey began more than a century ago, when Alfred
Stucky joined Heinrich Gruner's company in 1915. During this collaboration,
the first arch dam in Europe was planned and built at the lake of Montsalvens.
Alfred Stucky had proposed the parabolic shape and the calculation model.

In 2013, Gruner bought Stucky, and it is a success story. While the hydropower
business could be maintained at a high level and an energy Business Unit in
Zurich could be launched, Stucky emerged in infrastructure, structural design,
and building technologies in Western Switzerland and could expand the
Belgrade offices with nearshoring services.

All the skills of Swiss engineering at its highest level of excellence, brought together to serve you. Personally and on site.

Something links us
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Gruner and Stucky have been working together for almost 9 years now. Stucky's unique history and experience, expertise and international recognition in the fields of dams, hydroelectric power plants, energy and the environment have been combined with Gruner's. The markets and strengths of each have fed the excellence of the other.

With the reorganisation of Gruner, based on the "Stronger together" principle, Gruner becomes the single brand of the business as of 2022, the year the company celebrates its 160th anniversary.

a single brand

The last years of collaboration led to great growth in Western Switzerland –
also in new business areas for Stucky like Infrastructure and Buildings/HVAC.
Our visibility and our profile in the region has increased strongly since then.

Why not Gruner Ltd? In the mid-term, we will have two legal entities in our
Swiss core business: Gruner Ltd for all operations in Switzerland and Gruner
Stucky Ltd for the international business. In this first step, we simply rename
Stucky Ltd to Gruner Stucky Ltd.

Selected references

Children's Hospital Zurich
Hydroelectric power station Enguri, Georgia
Bridge "Under Brugg"
400-kV SF6 Chamoson substation
Sittertobel Viaduct
Roche building 2, Basel

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