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The New Veytaux pumped storage power plant FMHL +

Construction of an additional pumped storage power plant using the existing pressure shaft and tailrace canal. The new power plant was built entirely underground and equipped with an additional pumped storage capacity of 240 MW (2 x 120 MW), in a new main cavern (H = 56 m, W = 25 m, L = 100 m). A new surge shaft (H = 167.40 m, int. Ø = 7.20 m) was also constructed. Now that the works are completed, the capacity of the Hongrin-Leman pumped storage scheme is 480 MW (420 in operation and 60 in spare).

The design of the new power plant and the construction works were adapted to minimize the downtime of the exiting power plant, whilst ensuring the safety of people and property. Construction started in April 2011 and the commissioning took place at the end of 2016. The gross head is 878 m and the annual production 1000 GWh.

Moreover, Stucky Ltd is also responsible for the inspection of the upper reservoir, the Hongrin Dam (two concrete double curvature arches of 125 and 90 m high). 

Feasibility study, outline and conceptual design, preliminary design and layout. Works schedule, bill of quantities, assistance for administrative procedures , contracting strategy, tender documents, bids assessment, assistance in contract negotiations. Final and detailed design;  works supervision, commissioning.



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