Real Estate Engineering

A shift towards key data-based, digital and sustainable project development and the decarbonisation of portfolio properties and entire portfolios will play a key role in the real estate industry in the future. Europe and Switzerland have set ambitious targets for achieving climate neutrality.

Ambitious decarbonisation targets pose complex challenges for real estate portfolio management, project development and refurbishment.  The actors in Real Estate sector are faced with the balancing act of defining the balance between innovation, ecology and economic efficiency. These holistic concepts require an innovative approach and careful calculation of investments. Thus strategic decision-making based on quantitative project parameters is essential. GREEN Real Estate Engineering supports investors, promoters and project developers in achieving their goals with project monitoring optimised to track key performance indicators in acquisition, transaction and development processes. GREEN offers solutions for making data-based investment decisions and bridging the gap between innovation and economic success. 

Digital Studies for Procurement Support

Decide on the best combination of urban planning, architecture, investment and sustainability through digital transparency and comparability. Our digital procurement support processes map the quantitative side of the creative  procurement process and support both public and private organisers in judging and selecting the best design.

We support public and private clients in analysing and evaluating digital architecture design competitions. With our service, we offer a detailed comparison of the project entries, an analysis of the project parameters and a clear visualisation of all areas, volumes and data in a clearly structured dashboard.

Data Driven Real Estate Development

Our data and parameter-optimized project development visualizes, simulates and calculates sustainable investment and development scenarios in the Real Estate Direct sector for private and institutional investors. During and after purchase processes project-relevant parameters are evaluated in real time and on a project-specific basis and made available for investment decisions.

Data Driven Real Estate Development offers a wide range of benefits for investors, property developers and project developers in the investment and early planning phase. The client benefits from transparently illustrated key figures and engineering expertise, enabling them to make informed decisions and minimise project risks. Sustainable, innovative solutions can also be developed in the design phase with target parameters.

ESG Asset Analysis

Transform your property assets into sustainable investment. With our expertise in ESG asset and portfolio analysis, you not only increase the value of your properties, but also contribute to environmental protection.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the valuation and optimisation of properties and portfolios, taking sustainability aspects into account. Our services include detailed refurbishment scenarios, technical due diligence and value enhancement strategies. We ensure that your properties are not only economically sustainable, but also environmentally and socially sustainable.

Optimization of urban planning and architecture
Integration of investment and sustainability
Digital methods for increased transparency
Improved project comparability
Digital contests with quantitative analysis
Support for public and private entities
Assistance for architectural competitions
Detailed analysis of project proposals
Evaluation of key project features
Visual representation of surfaces and volumes
Clear visualization of data
Digital Studies for Procurement Support
Data-optimized real estate development.
Visualization of sustainable investment scenarios.
Real-time, project-specific parameter evaluation.
Informed decision-making for private and institutional investors.
Key figures and insights in the early planning phase.
Minimizing project risks with engineering expertise.
Data Driven Real Estate Development
Identification of energy optimisation potential
Status analysis of building physics and building technology on site
Validation of energy and CO2 reduction measures
Identification of the appropriate refurbishment roadmap
Achievement of the defined decarbonisation targets
Increasing the attractiveness of the financial product
Supporting tenants' sustainability goals
ESG Asset Analysis


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