Sustainable Water Resource Management

Hydraulics and lake development

Preserving lake ecosystems

Lake management is a key area of expertise for Gruner. We take to heart the need to control potential sources of danger posed by water, while preserving the fragile ecological balance of lake areas. In this article, we explore in detail our expertise in lake hydraulics and development, focusing on key aspects such as hydrodynamics, beach protection, landfill and erosion, harbour silting, bank protection and river mouths.

Hydrodynamics: Understanding Waves and Currents

Lake hydrodynamics is a complex field that requires an in-depth understanding of waves and currents. Gruner uses advanced modelling techniques to analyse and predict water movements. This expertise enables us to design infrastructures that are resistant to waves and currents, guaranteeing the safety of lake areas.

Beach protection: preserving recreational areas

Beach protection is a major concern in lake areas frequented by locals and tourists. Gruner develops solutions to prevent coastal erosion and ensure beach stability. We design shoreline protection systems, such as breakwaters and riprap, that preserve these valuable recreational areas. We also offer innovative solutions to maintain and even enhance public access and encourage soft mobility.

Landfall and Erosion: Managing Coastal Change

Lakes are subject to constant changes to their shorelines, notably landfill and erosion. Gruner develops management strategies to meet these challenges. We use management techniques to restore areas affected by erosion and to prevent excessive landfill.

Harbour silting: maintaining accessibility

Harbour silting is a common problem in lake areas. It can hinder navigation and compromise access to harbours. Gruner proposes solutions to maintain harbour accessibility, thereby supporting trade and transport on lakes.

Shoreline protection: preserving the ecological balance

Shoreline protection is an essential component of our approach. We design infrastructure that preserves the ecological balance of lake areas, minimising disturbance from human activities. Our aim is to ensure that lake developments are sustainable and respectful of the environment.

River deltas: managing transition zones

The mouths of rivers and streams are complex transition zones between the dynamic, sediment-laden waters of rivers and lakes subject to winds and waves. Gruner uses advanced modelling tools to better understand the morphodynamic changes at river mouths, and then develops innovative solutions to renaturalise these sensitive areas by designing projects that promote biodiversity and protect against the risks of flooding.

Gruner stands out for its expertise in hydraulics and lake development. Our commitment to responsible water management in lake areas, combining advanced scientific approaches with practical solutions, makes us a trusted partner for all lake communities and regions seeking to preserve these precious ecosystems while optimising the use of this vital resource. To find out more about how Gruner can contribute to your lake development project, please contact us. We look forward to working with you to develop tailor-made solutions that meet your specific needs.


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