Digital Engineering Solutions

BIM consultancy services

Our comprehensive BIM theoretical training (BuildingSMART certification) and expert advisory services strategically empower your team with a deep understanding of digital engineering principles. By mastering these, your organization gains a long-term competitive edge. We prioritize workflow optimization and best practices to maximize project efficiency. Our training programs not only impart knowledge but also cultivate essential skills, enabling your team to adapt to industry advancements with confidence.

BIM Consultancy Services - Early Stage Design and Real Estate Engineering

BIM Advisory Services

BIM Consultancy Services - BIM Advisory Services

Early Stage Design & Real Estate Engineering

GREEN Real Estate Engineering supports investors, promoters and project developers in achieving their goals with project monitoring optimised to track key performance indicators in acquisition, transaction and development processes

BIM advisory services

Our BIM advisory drives innovation, enhances efficiency, and elevates digital presence. We transform possibilities into reality with expert guidance, in-house auditing, and seamless implementation for transformative outcomes.

BIM theoretical Training (BuildingSMART certification)

BIM advisory and training services - Gruner BIM Methodology Training


BIM advisory and training services - Sustbl

BIM methodology training

BIM theoretical training introduces fundamental concepts in Building Information Modeling, equipping learners with essential knowledge and terminology to navigate this innovative construction and design methodology effectively.


Our sustbl app brings together all the projects underway in a city or municipality by providing a solid basis for an effective discussion regarding urban development.


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