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Geomatics & Spatial Planning

At Gruner, our expertise in Geomatics and Spatial Planning is driven by a relentless pursuit of precision, innovation, and efficiency. Geomatics integrates advanced surveying, mapping, and spatial data analysis to inform and guide urban development and infrastructure projects, while spatial planning confronts spatial, technological, social, and ecological challenges. We excel in creating innovative and sustainable solutions through a blend of these disciplines, ensuring every project not only meets but surpasses expectations of functionality and efficiency.

Our comprehensive spatial planning services, including site developments, special use plans, master plans, and local development plans, leverage the latest technological tools and participatory processes. This approach allows us to craft space management plans that optimize the layout of internal spaces, enhance flow and circulation, and improve daily functionality across various environments. Our team is adept at performing high-resolution surveying and implementing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to provide precise data that supports strategic decision-making in development projects.

We are committed to a multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates environmental impact assessments and detailed local planning, ensuring every aspect of spatial development is covered comprehensively. Through close collaboration with our clients, we deliver bespoke spatial planning solutions that address complex challenges and priorities, ensuring the long-term success and sustainability of projects.


Geomatics and Site Development

Local Planning and Regulation

Client Consulting and Stakeholder Participation

Our Geomatics expertise is complemented by robust site development services, including special use planning, master plans, development and utilization concepts, potential studies, and environmental impact assessments. These tools enable detailed mapping and analyses essential for sophisticated planning and decision-making processes in urban and regional environments.

In local planning, we engage in creating zoning plans and building regulations, water spaces management, protection zone plans, and municipal structure plans. Our approach supports systematic management of urban land, aligning with national strategies for sustainable growth and infrastructure development.

We advise clients and lead participative processes to develop future-proof spatial structures. This involves project competitions, workshop procedures, planning agreements, and developing comprehensive communication concepts. Our participative approach ensures that all stakeholders are engaged and informed throughout the planning process.

Mobility and Urban Traffic Solutions

Sustainable Development and Risk Management

Historical Traffic Routes and Preservation

Our mobility solutions include traffic engineering reports, development concepts for traffic and street space, parking strategies, and noise measurement studies. These services are crucial for designing sustainable urban transit systems that accommodate current needs and anticipate future demands.

Sustainability is at the core of our practice, guiding everything from feasibility studies and remediation strategies to sustainability monitoring and certifications. We assess environmental risks and provide strategies to mitigate them, ensuring that projects meet stringent sustainability criteria.

We also specialize in the inventory and preservation of historical traffic routes, providing grant application support, and consulting on rehabilitation projects. This ensures that valuable historical and cultural assets are maintained for future generations.

Geospatial Solutions at Gruner

Our geomatics teams offer a wide array of services, including mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS), integration of geospatial data,  3D laser scanning, digital terrain modeling, remote sensing, construction monitoring, deformation and settlement monitoring, advanced geodetic systems, and photogrammetry. 

Our team consists of internationally experienced geomatics engineers who bring a global perspective combined with a thorough understanding of regional regulations and best practices. This international expertise allows Gruner to foster innovation and apply state-of-the-art technological solutions across a diverse range of specialized projects such as continuous deformation monitoring of railway tracks and hydropower rehabilitation.

The geomatics sector has been transformed over the years, merging traditional techniques with cutting-edge digital technologies to become a pivotal source of Big Data in engineering projects. At Gruner, we capitalize on these advancements to produce and deliver extensive, highly precise geospatial data, fueling innovation throughout the entire lifecycle of engineering projects.

Gruner’s expertise in Geomatics and Spatial Planning reflects our commitment to advancing the field through innovative, precise, and effective sustainable solutions. Whether it’s developing detailed local plans, engaging in extensive client consulting, or crafting mobility and sustainability strategies, our technical prowess and strategic insight ensure excellence and value in urban and regional development. Our role in shaping landscapes and supporting sustainable initiatives underscores our position as a trusted leader in engineering consultancy services.

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