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sustbl - Control and communicate development goals

Supporting sustainable development

One of the greatest challenges with regard to achieving the targeted climate neutrality will be to win democratic majorities for necessary but uncomfortable steps. To maximize the chances of success, a robust process strategy is needed. Transparency plays a key role in this. It is important to understand where we want to go in each area of action, where we stand, and what is being done. A transparent and coherent urban development narrative fosters public understanding and support for sustainable urban development goals and actions.

Gruner helps build a consistent development process and offers sustbl, a tool for successful system control.

Sustbl brings together all current concepts and measures from all areas of a city or municipality in a structured and clear manner. The collected information forms the basis for a well-founded discussion about the status quo and further development: Where does the city or municipality stand in terms of sustainable development? What are the goals? From today's perspective, are there relevant issues that have not yet been considered?

The application of sustbl should help to map sustainable urban development in a transparent way and at the same time increase the support and understanding of the population as well as political actors.

In doing so, the following added value is generated for a community:

  • The climate or sustainability process as a comprehensible development story.
  • Nobody starts from scratch - professionalize the existing sustainability process
  • Governance through context management
  • Involve citizens, policy makers & stakeholders in the process
  • Qualitative and quantitative process monitoring in real time
  • Basis for efficient reporting
  • Resource efficient and flexible

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