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    Gruner is a leading independent engineering consultancy based in Switzerland. In the sectors of building construction, infrastructure, and energy, we provide comprehensive  engineering design and planning services  to both private and public clients throughout all project phases. From strategic planning and construction to commissioning and ongoing management of buildings and infrastructure, our expertise ensures seamless execution

    In doing so, we combine services from a comprehensive range of expertise such as structural design, geotechnic engineering, building construction management, building services, energy production, transmission and distribution, road and rail construction, civil engineering, environment, safety engineering and spatial planning in order to offer optimal and sustainable solutions.


    Gruner offers a comprehensive range of services in the field of private and public building construction. With our diverse expertise and many years of experience, we ensure that all aspects of a construction project are planned and implemented cost-effectively and reliably.

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    In 1862, Heinrich Gruner started his own business as a young engineer, planning gas and water supply systems and helping strengthen the infrastructure of the then up-and coming city of Basel. Today, Gruner is active in all disciplines of infrastructure construction.

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    In 1920, Heinrich Eduard Gruner and his then colleague Alfred Stucky were among the pioneers in European hydropower. Gruner has thus been one of the leading consulting and design companies for sustainable energy supply for over a hundred years.

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     With more than 1.100 highly qualified employees in over 30 offices in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey and Tajikistan, as well as at countless project locations worldwide, we are always close to the customer and where development and construction are taking place.

    Thanks to interdisciplinary cooperation, we set new standards in engineering methods and the application of digital processes. We are constantly evolving in step with our customers. Gruner is an independent family business headquartered in Basel/Switzerland and we are proud that we have been providing innovation and inspiration since 1862.

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