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    Natural hazards

    Protecting life and property

    Natural hazards such as flooding, rockfalls or landslides have always posed a threat to human settlements and traffic routes. This threat has become more acute due to the quickening pace of spatial development and land use in recent decades. Gruner draws on many years of experience when developing design and technical solutions to avert natural hazards. Specific simulations and hazard maps are carried out for the purpose of dimensioning and economic optimization. Targeted planning measures are used to limit the risks.

    The management of risks related to natural hazards is essential to protect the inhabitants, their property and their infrastructure.

    Floods, landslides, rock falls and avalanches kill dozens of people in Switzerland every year and cause losses of up to CHF 300 million per year. In addition, melting glaciers and permafrost create a new risk that threatens the structural integrity of buildings and on top of that, climate change is increasing the frequency of these natural disasters. For more information see the webpage on Natural Hazards from the Swiss Federal office for the environment

    What engineering services do we provide?

    Gruner specializes in the study of natural hazards and protection against their devastating effects. We offer a full range of engineering services, including constructability assessments for parcels of land that are at risk, hazard diagnosis and mapping according to current guidelines, hydraulic, geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical studies, and diagnosis of the causes of instability.

    Our services include numerical modeling, hydraulics (1D and 2D), 3D geology, scouring and erosion (1D and 2D) and runoff. We also offer studies related to hazard mapping. In addition, we provide scientific assistance in emergency situations.

    How can we help make informed decisions?

    Our goal is to help our clients make informed decisions by providing them with as much information as possible about the current situation and what will be required to ensure their safety from natural hazards in the Canton. To ensure that our recommendations are implementable and integrated into the urban landscape, we work closely with the relevant authorities to ensure a widely accepted political decision at a reasonable cost. Finally, our goal is not only to reduce the probability of a catastrophic event occurring but also to optimize the monitoring and warning system to protect against natural hazards.

    What are our methods to ensure protection against natural hazards?

    We offer a fast, dynamic and customizable service and an effective solution to ensure your health and safety in the face of natural or environmental threats. Our mission is to help communities thrive safely despite the danger of extreme weather and other natural threats.

    Why should you choose our company for your needs?

    We are a group of dedicated environmental and civil engineers committed to providing sustainable and economically viable solutions for the effective management of natural hazards and their effects on people, property and infrastructure. You'll benefit from our expertise for practical information, accurate diagnosis and rapid response in environmental engineering.

    How can you take advantage of modern expertise and technology to improve natural hazard management?

    By working with us, you can be assured of optimal protection against natural hazards with our innovative solutions. Contact us today to get green engineering advice and find customized solutions that keep you and your community safe. We are here to help you protect and secure your community and your investments.


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