Innovative solutions for water management, from flood prevention to urban hydraulics, with respect for the environment

Sustainable Water Resource Management

Water management is an essential component of sustainable development, and Gruner excels in this field. We build hydraulic structures and develop flood protection concepts, while systematically taking into account the multiple environmental aspects. Water is a resource that is both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, we use it sustainably to produce clean energy or consume it daily in the form of drinking or sanitary water, and on the other, we have to control the source of danger that water can represent, while preserving the ecological balance.

Flood prevention is a major concern in many regions. Gruner has the expertise to design flood protection systems while preserving the environment by renaturating watercourses. Our water management experts are highly qualified to design and implement river schemes, whether to improve hydraulic capacity, restore river ecosystems, create riverside recreation areas or improve navigation. All our river development projects systematically take into account the Reserved Water Area (RWA), which is necessary for the fragile ecological balance of this environment.

Our engineers specialise in identifying and managing water-related natural hazards. Urban hydraulics are crucial to the smooth running of cities. Gruner develops innovative solutions for stormwater and wastewater management, such as the Sponge City concept, ensuring healthy and sustainable urban environments.

Our skills in hydrology and hydraulics enable us to model water flows accurately, while our expertise in scouring ensures effective management of sediments and materials transported by watercourses. We use advanced models to simulate the behaviour of stormwater, enabling us to design effective solutions tailored to each situation.

Finally, we are proud of our expertise in the management of lake facilities, whether for pleasure boating, the protection of lake ecosystems or the development of public areas. We take into account aspects such as hydrodynamics, beach protection, landfill and erosion, harbour silting, bank protection and river mouths to ensure the preservation of these precious ecosystems.

As part of our services, we pay particular attention to the concept of the "Sponge City", which aims to transform urban areas into spaces capable of absorbing and effectively managing rainwater, thereby helping to prevent flooding and improve water quality.

In addition, our approach includes a 'Local Risk Assessment' (LRA) that enables us to identify potential water-related threats in specific contexts, so that we can put in place prevention measures tailored to each situation.

In conclusion, Gruner is positioned as a major player in water management, offering tailor-made and innovative solutions to water challenges in various fields. Our commitment to sustainability and technical excellence ensures that your water management projects are in safe hands. To find out more about our water management services, please contact us. We look forward to working with you to find solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Our water management solutions

Hydrodynamics (waves and currents)
Beach protection
Landfall and erosion
Harbour silting
Shoreline protection
Hydraulics and lake development
Alluvial dynamics
Low-water management
Mountain torrents
Lowland rivers
Water management
Residual flow
Sediment transport
Fish migration
Renovation of hydraulic structures
Daylighting rivers
Bank revegetation
Development concepts
Reserved water space
Cost-benefit analysis
Flood protection and renaturation
Hazard mapping
Local Risk Assessment (LRA)
Runoff management
Driftwood management
Alarm plan - Early Warning Systems
sediment management
Water-related natural hazards
General drainage plans
Rainwater and wastewater networks
Separative sewerage
Pavement drainage and treatment systems
Urban hydrology
Urban hydraulics and water drainage
Integrated management of water resources
Digital modelling (1D, 2D, 3D, coupled solid transport)
Hydrological modelling
Flood routing
Dam failure
penstock failure
Hydrology, hydraulics and sediment transport
City microclimate
Sponge city
Heat waves
Heavy rain
Climate change
Sponge City


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