From local to international


With numerous projects in the most important areas of construction, Gruner is one of the most competent partners in Switzerland and abroad.

With our group companies, we are well anchored locally, regionally and nationally, both at home and abroad. We accompany our internationally active clients in construction projects along their investment geographies around the globe. Depending on the task at hand, we put together cross-border interdisciplinary project teams for projects.

Upgrading Martigny train station

Upgrading and improving accessibility

Rehabilitation of Geesthacht barrage near Hamburg

With an innovative combination of software tools to more clarity

Ilisu dam and hydroelectric power plant construction project

Detailed design for the construction of a 131 m high, 1'775 m long concrete face rockfill dam and 1200 MW hydropower plant

Limmat valley railroad and Affoltern tramway

Revitalizing Mobility in the Limmat Valley: The Role of Limmattalbahn in Urban Development

Children's Hospital Zurich

New acute hospital

Kariba Dam rehabilitation project

Engineering design and works supervision for the rehabilitation of the dam forming the world's largest artificial reservoir

Office tower of Roche Diagnostics AG in Rotkreuz

More than just a facade

400-kV SF6 Chamoson substation

Extension of the 400 kV substation

Upgrading the Limmatquai and Utoquai

A new boulevard promenade based on the sponge city principle

Doubling the railroad track between Gléresse and Douanne

A large tunnel infrastructure project of strategic importance in the Canton of Berne

Advancing Life Sciences: The New Biomedicine Department at the University of Basel

Pioneering optimal indoor climate control through advanced simulations for the state-of-the-art research facility on the Schällemätteli campus

Modernization of the Fribourg railway station

Innovation and collaboration: towards paperless construction

Eat safely on the Titlis

The restaurant box in case of fire

ZUR3 - Rechenzentrum Campus, Zürich
Railway renovation between Delémont and Laufon

Renovation of 9 km of existing installations for the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) between Delémont and Laufon, as part of the overall BM3 2023 program.

Pre-project public transport hub Brunnen (SZ)
SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (1)

of a workshop

SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (4)

of a production hall

Enhancing Urban Ventilation: The UeO Biblis II Project

Analyzing air flow dynamics to optimize building design and mitigate urban heat effects in Biblis II and Hofmatt areas.

Innovative Urban Infrastructure: The 150 kV Line Project at Gartenstrasse, Allschwil

Overcoming urban construction challenges through advanced drilling techniques for the new 150 kV line between Allschwil and Oberwil.

River remediation works in Montpreveyres

Renaturation of the Rochette stream and its two tributaries

General-Guisan-Strasse in Zug

Filling the groundwater basin

SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (1)

of a boiler house and facilities as a basis for planning

SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (2)

of the existing building and landscaping as a basis for the BIM project

SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (3)

of a stadium and outdoor facilities as a planning basis for fire protection

Enhancing Indoor Comfort at Heilpädagogische Schule Langnau

Advanced simulations ensure optimal air quality and thermal comfort through innovative natural ventilation and cooling strategies.

Property protection Wartenbergstrasse 20, Pratteln
Creaplot AG, Münchenstein

Erweiterungsanbau an bestehendes Druckereigebäude

Enhancing Comfort at Brig-Glis Customs Facility: Strategic Solutions for Indoor Climate Control

Advanced Thermal and Flow Simulations to Optimize Building Environment

Highway junction, Brüttisellen


Reinforcing the electricity network in Haiti

Works supervision for the construction of 2 new transmission lines and 4 new substations and the rehabilitation of 10 existing substations

Renovation of the Schlüsselzunft in Basel

Where innovation meets tradition

Flood protection verification for Birchweid site development
Klybeck Areal, Basel
Fleur de la Champagne, Biel/Bienne

Fire protection

New multi-family house Hasenrain
Sekundarschule Bonstetten
Bicycle safety Müntschemier, Treiten, Brüttelen, Ins (BE)
Traffic concept, SIA 142 competition Helvetiaplatz, Bern (BE)
New construction / renovation of senior residence and outpatient building


Bridge "Under Brugg"

Beromünster (Luzern)

New construction of train depot and station house conversion

Traindepot, Bätterkinden

New building complex Badenerstrasse 688, Zurich
Hochbord Dübendorf
The Three Point residential towers in the "Hochbord" quarter of Dübendorf

Fire safety studies for the construction and operation of a residentential complex

Novartis Pavillon, Basel
Suva Rösslimatt, Lucerne
Listed buildings
Track replacement and optimization of traffic quality Brunnhof- Fischermätteli Bern (BE)
Speed 30 zones in 2 areas Düdingen (FR)
Traffic survey and development concept, Aare Center, Döttingen (AG)
World’s First UHPFRC Trough Railway Bridge in Switzerland

Innovative Engineering Achievement on the TRAVYS Railway Line

Stadelhofen underground Railway Station emergency ventilation system design

Designing the emergency ventilation of the underground station in case of fire and the ventilation of emergency exits

Local planning revision Siselen (BE)

Siselen (BE)

Plaines du Loup bloc central
Partial revision of building regulations

Arch (BE)

Spatial planning analyses of properties

Switzerland wide

S-Bahn Knoten Folgenabschätzung, Basel (BS)

Basel (BS)

Area development AareCenter

Döttingen (AG)

Cantonal design plan Hasli, gravel extraction area (ZH & AG)
Design plan "STEINEL-Areal", Einsiedeln (SZ)
Structure preservation zone, Rubigen (BE)
Kantonsspital Aarau


Titlis 3020

Fire safety over 3,000 m

Schulthess Clinic, Zurich

Ongoing Fire protection monitoring, including fire control systems.

Lindenpark - Helvetia Swiss Life Insurance Company Ltd.
Treetop Tower -Quarter Development Hammerbrooklyn, Hamburg
Universitätsspital Zürich, Umbau Bettenstationen NORD2 E+F
Wärmeversorgung Zürich West
Coop – Stauffachertor, Zürich
Site development UFA AG / fenaco, Herzogenbuchsee (BE)
Development concept, flanking measures Düdingen (FR)
Preliminary project for a pedestrian and bicycle path, redesign of the parking lot in Murten (FR).
Access and design concept, Busswil train station (BE)
Bike path connection Bellmund - Hermrigen (BE)
Minor change to UeO Ziegelgut, Burgdorf (BE)
Hofmatt development regulations, Herzogenbuchsee (BE)
Private design plan for gravel plant, Bäretswil (ZH)
Zurich Children's Hospital Project: Pioneering Energy Efficiency in Healthcare

Integrating Advanced Thermal Simulations for Optimal Building Performance

Area development railroad station Busswil

Lyss (BE)

ZMB A1 line management
Adaptation of building regulations ZOEN retirement home

Büren a. A. (BE)

GRID, BaseLink

Innovation and business complex

Dachslerstrasse Section Im Stückler to Neeserweg



Belforstrasse 152, Basel

Tenant improvement of the SRF radio studios

Meret Oppenheim Hochhaus, Basel

Kriminalpolizei Zürich, Neubau Kriminalabteilung

Stadtpolizei Mühleweg, Zürich-West

Children's Hospital Zurich

New building for laboratory, teaching and research

Competence Center for Industry 4.0

The first construction of the new campus in Arlesheim

Open bored pile wall and nail walls Migros Breitenrain Bern

Excavation pits

Diversion of the Mixed Water Pipeline at Burgernziel Tram Depot

Infrastructure Modernization and Adjustment in Bern

Reha Rheinfelden Osterweiterung
Steinreben Reinach
Grosspeter Tower Brandschutz
Renewal of the Waldenburg Railway

Lots 3 and 5

Industrial area city center, Altstätten (SG)
Review of special use plans with site strategy, Muri (BE)
SBB parcel Visp train station (VS)
Beausite overpass, Chardonne (VD)
design of the ventilation system of the Flachgauer tunnel

including emergency ventilation in the event of a fire.

Construction of 220 kV NRO-Kakula overhead transmission line

Energy transmission line engineering services

Project competition Grosshofbrücken/Portal

Süd, Kriens

Local planning revision

Wynau (BE)

Glasi Quartier, Neubach Residential and commercial development


Official residence Helvetiaplatz

incl. underground parking

Operating and design concept Murten (FR)
Preliminary project for the management of the parking lot in front of the swimming pool in Murten (FR)
Five 30 km/h zones in Murten (FR) neighborhoods
Centrale de Traitement du Linge (CTL)

Hospital Geneva


Next-generation manufacturing project

Rezoning ZOEN heating center

Büren a. A. (BE)

Canton of Zurich - Extension of Engstringer junction / New construction of Bernstrasse underpass


Updating of hazard map Liesberg, BL
Swiss Life Arena (ice hockey stadium), Zurich

Fire protection and smoke extraction planning

Limmattalbahn Los 1

New rail connection from Altstetten station to Schlieren

Subway stations munich
Zwicky Areal Baufeld A6-A10
Cologneo Campus "Eckiger Rundbau", Köln
Optimizing Grosspeter Tower: Sustainable Operations through Advanced Simulations

Driving Efficiency with Performance GAP Analysis and Model-Based Optimization

Neuhus development plan, Neuenegg (BE)
Traffic measurement and heavy traffic survey Wynau (BE)
ESP Löwenstrasse West

Rorschach (SG)

Cantonal design plan for gravel pit, Tagelswangen (ZH)
Cantonal design plan for gravel pit, Tagelswangen (ZH)
Submission of the local planning

Belp (BE)

Helvetia Campus

Fire protection

Overall renovation of Wandermatte school building in Wabern

New buildings and conversions

Münsterplatz 10-12 / Rittergasse 2, Basel
Airport access with accompanying measures, Belp

Road and railroad construction

Traffic rehabilitation Spange Nord Worb

Road and railroad construction

Limmattalbahn Los 4

Pedestrian bridge Herweg

Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern
Dienstleistungscenter Walter Meier
JaBee Tower
Felix Platter Hospital, Basel
Design plan Diesel Ibach, Schwyz (SZ)
Streetscape design Thun city center (BE)
Development plan Wangenstrasse, Herzogenbuchsee (BE)
Development plan Beunde, Büren an der Aare (BE)
Redesign of inner-city main axes, Thun city center (BE)
Hybridwerk Aarmatt


Energy center and parking garage

Erlenmatt Ost, Basel

SRF Zürich

Location development Leutschenbach

Innovating High-Rise Construction: Grosspeter Tower's Advanced Energy Systems

Integrating Sustainable Technologies in High-Rise Engineering

pRED Research Center Basel / Buildings 4-7
Private design plan MITTIM Center, Effretikon (ZH)
Design plan for the Brüel service building in Kloten (ZH)
Community development concept

Büren an der Aare (BE)

Community development concept

Urdorf (ZH)

Syngenta Bflex research greenhouses


Projekt Rose, Syngenta

Staff restaurant

Double-track expansion Goldach-Rorschach City

Increase in line capacity

ZKB / Zurich Cantonal Bank
Kinderspital Zürich, Gebäude Labor, Lehre und Forschung

Fire protection

Kinderspital Zürich, Akutspital

Fire protection

New construction of research building GLC, ETH Zurich
Design plan FBB Belagswerk, Kloten (ZH)
Repair of Glattal and Weissenbach viaduct
Local planning revision Büren a. A. (BE)

Büren a. A. (BE)

Einkaufsallee Metalli, Zug
Test planning Wankdorf Bern (BE)
Velo calming Oberstadtweg Burgdorf (BE)
Design plan for the Coop distribution center, Schafisheim (AG)
Development plan Strite, Neuenegg (BE)
Local planning revision

Ursenbach (BE)

Europaallee Site A, Zurich
Encounter zone and bypass Stedtli Büren a. A. (BE)
Traffic concept for the old town of Burgdorf (BE)
Variant study bicycle and pedestrian traffic N06 Thun North (BE)
Local planning revision

Rohrbachgraben (BE)

Prime Tower


Redevelopment Bahnhofstrasse - Höheweg Interlaken

Road and railroad construction

Basel Zoo, Logistics Center

Conversion and new construction

Mobimo Tower, Zurich

Fire safety

Neighborhood Design Plans Tourism Resort Andermatt (UR)
Studienauftrag Umgestaltung Stedtli Büren a. A. (BE)
Local planning revision

Niederönz (BE)

Tourist Resort

Andermatt (UR)

Expansion Dorfbach
Stücki shopping center


Ambassador House

Fire protection

Inventory of Historic Traffic Routes in Switzerland IVS
District heating supply of the city of Porrentruy
Langsamverkehrsbrücke Rhein

Buchs-Vaduz connection

Building and zoning regulations, development regulations, building application Bahnhof Busswil, Lyss (BE)
Development Regulations Moosbühl Sector B, Linden (BE)
Traffic measurements for cantons, municipalities and private persons
Umbau Knoten Station Ittigen
Swiss Federal Wrestling and Alpine Festival Pratteln in the Baselbiet

Event safety

Retention basin fire
Revitalization and flood protection Alte Aare

Improvement of flood protection and ecological enhancement of the Alte Aare through comprehensive revitalisation measures and the creation of diverse habitats.

Complete renovation of a residential complex in Allschwil

Redevelopment Lindenpark, Helvetia Insurance

SBB Zurich Stadelhofen - Influence of tunnel construction on existing structures with finite element models
SBB, line 210: Ligerz tunnel, east portal
AXPO - Extension and Optimization of Rüchlig Power Plant, Aarau

Comprehensive Engineering Solutions for Main and Dopant Power Plant Excavation

Sihlcity shopping center, Zurich

Interior design of a shopping center

Jinvali dam and hydropower plant - Tunnel rehabilitation

Design and site supervision

Nurek dam and hydropower rehabilitation project

The replacement and refurbishment of mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical equipment, improvement in dam safety and operation of the power plant.

Sanierung Ortsdurchfahrt Brügg


Bridge competition


St. Luzibrücke


FEDRO N1 UPlaNS St Gallen East - West, reinforcement of retaining walls, bridge foundations and galleries in a landslide slope
Court Expertise, Inspection Mandate, Second Opinion
Scan2BIM: Stadelhofen train station, Zürich

Refurbishment made simple

Wind farm Muttenz
Rehabilitation drainage system Töbeli
Special structures Sewerage Reigoldswil
Eizmoos - Lorze rainwater sewer, Cham (ZG)
Bostadel pumping station, Menzingen (ZG)
Water supply Hausen and Kappel am Albis (ZH)
ETH Hönggerberg, Zürich (ZH)
Renaturation Tobelbach and Bibersee, Cham (ZG)
Partial expansion of Bünz, Wohlen (AG)
Port Buochs (NW)
Elementary school, Bettingen

Extension, refurbishment

Renovation of parking hall for Credit Suisse

Refurbishment & seismic retrofit, AEH in Rheinfelden

Bürgerspital Bern

Sanierung und Umbau

St. Gallen West – St. Gallen East urban freeway


Roche Building 10, Basel
ETH Zürich

ETH Zurich

Local planning revision

Saas-Almagell (VS)

Local planning revision

Saas-Fee (VS)

Local planning revision

Baltschieder (VS)

Bahnbrücke Zb Zentralbahn Linie 469

Brienz-Interlaken Ost

Renovation Baslerstrasse Allschwil
Industrial area former paper factory

Utzenstorf (BE)

Tourism resort

Andermatt (UR)

MOB station superstructure

Montreux (VD)

Hägniweg residential development

Büren an der Aare (BE)

Industrial area city center

Altstätten (SG)


Visp train station

Coop distribution center

Schafisheim (AG)

Automated cost optimization of the inner lining of the second Lötschberg base tunnel tube
Enhancing Safety and Efficiency: The Katzenberg Tunnel Project

Advanced Safety Solutions in Railway Engineering

Fire departments in the canton of Schaffhausen
Rehabilitation tunnel Belchen Inert material landfill Fasiwald
New construction and conversion of office and residential buildings in Basel


Birdhouse Zolli, Basel

Conversion and extension

Apartment building Thiersteinerallee 55, Basel

Reconstruction, refurbishment and seismic retrofitting

Landstrasse development Möhlin, AG

Structural engineering

Baggage sorting system airport, Zurich

Fire simulation

District heating storage Dolderweg, Basel

Thermische Simulation

Schoolhouse Vogelsang Basel

Renovation swimming pool

Parking garage Pilatusmarkt Kriens

Renovation of parking and driving areas

Mühleteich Riehen

Reconstruction of bridge, new construction of embankment walls

Universitätsspital Basel

Reconstruction and redesign 4'000 m2 terrace ceilings

SRES Partial deconstruction WRO

Gutting, demolition of mineral structures, filling of excavation pits

pRED Center - Deconstruction Building 74

Planning and construction management deconstruction

Conversion of commercial and residential property Rümelinsplatz 1, Basel

Reconstruction and seismic retrofit

Laboratory building WRO-1093 WRO-1061 WRO-1021, Rosental site

Deconstruction and pollutant cleanup

Steinentorstrasse 8, Basel

Conversion cinema Plaza

SRES Partial deconstruction WRO


General construction site safety
Partial repair of the Gänziloo police firing range
Raba-Lai Bridge, Pärnu
Conversion single family house under monument protection in Basel

Earthquake strengthening and static rebuilding measures

Apartment house Sommergasse 7, Allschwil

Addition of a floor to a residential building in timber element construction

Platform elevation at Brunnen and Schwyz stations

Barrier-free access

Congress Hotel Elbbrücken, Hamburg

New construction

Olympus Europa Campus, Hamburg

New construction

Roche pRed
New construction football stadium "Stade de la Tuilière"

Safety and Fire Protection for Lausanne's New Football Stadium

Getec Park Swiss AG
ASTRA N1, Zurich northern bypass, cut-and-cover Tunnel Katzensee, retaining walls, foundations, excavation pits
Road tunnel in the vicinity of a recent slope slide
Revitalization Wiese
Zurich Airport, Glatt
Zwingen Birs
GEP Reinach
Fish migration
Conversion / extension, Rüti (ZH)
OpenFlair Festival
German railroad lines on Swiss territory
University Hospital Basel
Railroad axis Brenner
Stuttgart 21
Central Railway Lucerne underground
Heightening of the Vieux Emosson arch dam

The Nant de Drance pumped hydro storage project

Construction of the new Muttsee dam, Glarus Alps

Construction of the new dam

Hydroelectric power station Enguri, Georgia

Vardnili Cascade Re­hab­ili­tation Project plus re­hab­ili­tation completion

161 kV transmission lines and associated substations

Benin and Togo

Cambambe arch dam

Re­hab­ili­tation and Heightening

Deriner dam and underground hydropower plant

Construction engineering (EPC)

United Swiss Salt Works

Roof reinforcement, covered parking lot

Freie Strasse, Basel

Careful handling of building fabric

Arena 2036, Stuttgart

Fire Safety Supervision

Shopping Center, Bietigheim-Bissingen

Fire Safety Concept

Skate Hall, Stuttgart

Fire Safety Consulting

Stahlgruber, Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Fire Safety Supervision

Lidl Deutschland, Hauptverwaltung, Bad Wimpfen

Fire protection

Culture Casino 2020, Bern

Re­no­vation, Building services

Exhibition and events venue Spreitenbach
The Circle @ Zurich Airport: Shaping the Future of Urban Development

A Landmark Project Combining Innovative Architecture and Cutting-Edge Engineering

SBB, CEVA rail link, Geneva
Enhancing the Reuss Weir System in Lucerne

Gruner's Engineering Excellence in Action

Actelion office and laboratory building

New building Actelion H89/G06, Allschwil

Automated optimization of retaining walls for excavation pit
Ferrari Autohaus Niki Hasler AG

New building

Cultural meeting place, Volkshaus, Basel

Conversion of bar and brasserie

kult.kino atelier

Conversion and extension

Schaulager Basel, Laurenz-Stiftung

Conversion of the art warehouse and administration wing

Theater- and Playhouse, Basel

Re­fur­bish­ment during business operation

Grimselsee : Construction of the Spitallamm arch dam

Design of an arch dam including elaboration of execution drawings and local site management

Fire protection of the Elbphilharmonie building in Hamburg

Warm smoke tests

Sittertobel Viaduct

A masterpiece of engineering

New construction viaduct Giessen, Dübendorf
Automatic monitoring of the Enge railway tunnel (SBB)
SBB, Railway line CEVA, Geneva
Roche Building 1, Basel

Foundation and excavation

Expo Milano 2015

Gruner provided safety engineering for the Swiss Pavilion at Expo 2015

Stadium St. Jakob-Park Basel
Music hall of the Stadtcasino



Rehabilitation of the Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) affected SALANFE dam

Office building Futuro Liestal

New building for the Basellandschaftliche Gebäudeversicherung (building insurance company)

Renovation and new construction of the global headquarters for Syngenta

Headquarters, Syngenta, Basel

Cardinal-Areal Rheinfelden


Installation of steam turbine system

Novartis Werk Schweizerhalle (WSH)

Office building Zurich

Total refurbishment and extension

New building and extension

Balgrist Campus AG

Pflegezentrum Baden

New building and extension

Bühler Innovation Center




City Gate Bürogebäude C


Verwaltungsgebäude, Bundesamt für Bauten und Logistik BBL


Neubau Felix Platter Spital


Kantonsspital Liestal, BL
Alterszentrum Burgfelderhof, Basel
Alters- und Pflegeheim Brunnmatt, Liestal
Schoren Hochhäuser, Basel
Baloise Park, Basel
Neubau Messe Basel
Logistikcenter III Planzer, Pratteln
Coop Neubau Produktionszentrum Pratteln
Neubau Werkareal BVB
Clubrestaurant House of Wine

New building

New Solid Launch Facility Novartis, Stein
Konapharma Pratteln
Erweiterung Arcolor Waldstatt
Schulhaus Erlenmatt
Bossard Arena and "Uptown", Zug

Structural engineering design by Gruner

Housing development

"Im Holeegarten", Binningen

Maison Cube, Arlesheim
Überbauung Salmenpark
Neubau WÜB "OC" (BF 4+7), Bern Brünnen
Krematorium, St. Gallen
Elementbau für SAW, Widnau

Permanent mandate statics

Skyline Parking Auto Zürich West, Schlieren
Total refurbishment and extension

Office building, Zurich

Modernization of F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd's Historic Basel Site: Construction of Building 2

A Detailed Overview of the Geotechnical and Structural Engineering Achievements for the New 205 m Tall Office Building

Reconstruction of Oberwilerstrasse in Allschwil

Stages and Strategies for Urban Improvement

Replacement of three railway turnouts at Colombier (Neuchâtel)

Gruner is acting as railway specialist for the renewal of three turnouts.

Surface redesign Schmiedengasse Oberwil

Planning, tendering and construction management

District heating Wettsteinquartier

Construction management

Rodersdorf, Disability Equality Act conversion Rodersdorf bus stop

Project engineer and manager

Goetheanum Dornach

The Goetheanum in Dornach: Tradition and Modernity Combined.

Stücki Business Park

From shopping center to living city: 10,000 square meters of diversity.

Theater Basel

Comprehensive renovation and modernization

Felix Platter hospital

Health Center of the Future: The New Felix Platter Hospital in Basel

Syngenta Rose

Modern and Sustainable Working Environment

Schachen groundwater pumping station in Weinfelden

Groundwater use

Areuse Train station

Renovation of a train station in compliance with accessibility standards

Securing and protecting the Baye de Clarens

Middle section - Lots A, B, C and D

Infiltration system at the Emme Education Center

Closing the water cycle

development of the Brinaz river

Gruner SA's project for the renaturation of the Brinaz, including widening of the watercourse, construction of dikes and bridges, and hydraulic studies

Lausanne Metro - M2-M3 metro line

Study of the risks associated with run-off and flooding at future stations

Cistern Spenglerpark

Collect rainwater and use it sensibly

Innovative Stormwater Management at Allmendstrasse, Zug

Sponge city concept to combat the heat and the consequences of heavy rainfall

SLAM and drone recording & BIM modeling (6)

for a community

At Bashy hydropower rehabilitation project

Ensuring reliable and sustainable generation and supply of electricity in Kyrgyz republic.

Ensuring Seismic Safety: Gruner's Comprehensive Assessment of 53 Dams

Advancing Seismic Security for Strategic Infrastructure in Italy

Golovnaya hydropower rehabilitation project

Providing reliable and sustainable energy sources in Central Asia

Kaltbach Administration and Security Centre, Schwyz
Belp Erschliessungsstrasse

Entlastung des Wohngebiets

Belp Sanierung Dorf- und Käsereistrasse

Umgestaltung des Erscheinungsbildes

Wabern Neugestaltung

Überführung in ein verkehrsberuhigtes Regime

OneLog Meier Tobler AG Oberbuchsiten

Neubau Logistikzentrum

Heilpädagogische Schule Bern

Neubau in Minergie

BIT Verwaltungs-Campus Meielen Zollikhofen

Verwaltungsbau im Minergie-P-Eco-Standard

Volksschule Matte Bern


Innovative School Space Expansion in Langendorf

Focusing on Modernization and Energy Efficiency

Conversion in Rheinacker Basel

Rehabilitation and extension

Autobahnzubringer Obfelden / Ottenbach

Erfolgreiche Umweltbaubegleitung

Enguri Hydrology Initiative

a river basin wide initiative to prioritize climate risk management

Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz im Gewerbe

Umfassende Leistungen in 2 Kategorien

Semmering Base Tunnel ventilation design

including emergency ventilation in the event of a fire

Ulog hydropower project

Construction of a greenfield dam and hydropower scheme

Flood and low-water management on the Orbe river

Integrated strategies for water balance and ecosystem protection

Modification of the matran junction on the A12 motorway in Switzerland

Design of the drainage and treatment system for surface runoff

Demolition of the Denges weir

Design of remediation works for fish migration on the Venoge river

Revitalising the Valangon at Dizy

Daylighting a stream

New use of the "Zentrale Pratteln"

Logistics and warehouse building becomes residential and commercial building