Infrastructure Engineering

Gruner infrastructure Maintenance management tool - GEMS

Tracks and roads connect people

Infrastructure management involves the sustainable and financially conscious use of resources over the long term.

A municipality's infrastructure is made up of a wide variety of structures, such as roads, industrial pipelines and engineering structures, and thus brings with it a range of conservation requirements that differ greatly from one municipality to another. Thanks to the modular structure of our GEMS (Gruner Maintenance Management Service) online tool, value maintenance services can be put together individually according to customer requirements.

Our browser-based tool can be used on all systems, with data stored centrally. Using the tool, customers can generate simple tabular and graphical evaluations for data collection or consultation. The tool thus provides customers with a basis for construction investments (maintenance / renovation / new construction).

Thanks to our person-independent digital platform, we enable local authorities to ensure sustainable, cost-effective value maintenance management for roads, water, wastewater and more, over the long term.

GEMS offers :

  • An overview of infrastructure condition and performance
  • Simplified, comprehensive planning for maintaining the value of municipal infrastructure, improving
  • coordination of work and guaranteeing cost certainty
  • Support for political decision-makers
  • Long-term knowledge transfer - independent of individuals and electoral periods
  • The basis for construction investments (maintenance/renovation/new construction)
  • The basis for fulfilling the legal mandate

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