Gruner Maintenance Management Service

The GEMS strategy

Paths and roads connect people

Having suitable infrastructure for our communities and cities is the precondition for a functioning overall well-being and economic activity. Infrastructure management therefore means having sustainable, financially conscious use of resources in the long term.

The idea

Municipalities that do not adequately maintain their infrastructure are sooner or later faced with massive costs. With the help of good infrastructure management, unpleasant surprises can be avoided.

With the new service, we want to enable municipalities and cities to plan long-term and sustainable maintenance and repairs and to implement them on a regular basis.

An important point is that investments can be diversified and planned over several years.

If the value maintenance is neglected by the municipality in one legislative period, the backlog can only be made up with great difficulty, far delayed and with great additional costs.

The challenge in the development of the new service or this newly developed tool was to present  information and assistance in such a way that, for example, a municipal council member who is not a specialist in this field can interpret and understand these determined values and implement them together with the building administrator. Accordingly, the taxpayer can also be better informed.

Why maintaining value is important

  • Maintain the attractiveness of a community (infrastructure performance)
  • Achieve significant cost savings through coordinated planning and execution of maintenance and refurbishment measures
  • Provide relief for the municipal budget thanks to medium/long-term planning
  • Helping a municipality to fulfill its legal maintenance mandate

Gruner Maintenance Management Service GEMS

Infrastructure management means sustainable, financially conscious use of resources over the long term.

The infrastructure of a municipality consists of a wide variety of structures such as roads, pipelines and civil engineering works, and thus brings with it a range of maintenance requirements that vary greatly from municipality to municipality. Thanks to the modular structure of our tool, maintenance services can be compiled individually according to the needs of the client.

Application platform

Our tool is browser-based and therefore available across operating systems, with data stored centrally. With the help of the tool, clients can generate simple tabular and graphical evaluations for data queries. The tool thus provides customers with a basis for structural investments (maintenance / renovation / new construction).

With our person-independent, digital platform, we enable municipalities to manage the value of their roads, water, wastewater and more in the long term in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

GEMS offers:

  • An overview of the condition and performance of the infrastructures
  • A simplified and comprehensive plan for maintaining the value of municipal infrastructure that improves coordination of work and ensures cost certainty
  • Support for political decision-makers
  • A long-term transfer of knowledge – independent of persons and across electoral periods
  • The basis for structural investments (maintenance/renovation/new construction)
  • The basis for the fulfillment of the legal mandate


Project steps

  • At the beginning of the project, the acquisition of basic data is of central importance and with the clarification of which data are available at the municipality and in which condition they are.
  • For the next step, the roads are inspected, evaluated and calculated by us directly on site with the tool in the GIS.
  • For wastewater, the Waste water evacuation network design is imported and for water, the Water supply network design is imported and evaluated/calculated with the tool.
  • The states and values are displayed directly in the GIS with a viewer.
  • Afterwards, the intermediate results are discussed with the municipality.

Close to the customer with GEMS

Basis for decision
  • Provide a basis for decision-making on investments and policy debate ("hands-on" tool).
Cost savings
  • Significant cost savings through coordinated planning and execution of maintenance measures.
Maintenance obligation
  • Neglect of maintenance is unlawful and more costly than ongoing maintenance (often new construction projects before value retention).
  • Effects of omitted value retention measures will only become apparent in the distant future.

Services provided by Gruner Software

  • Overview of infrastructure condition and performance
  • Simplified value maintenance planning
  • Improved work coordination
  • Cost predictability
  • Support tool for policy makers
  • Long-term knowledge transfer
  • Basis for structural investments > Basis for fulfilling the legal mandate 

GEMS, the added value for you

  • Browser-based interface (always up-to-date, low costs)
  • Modular structure (offers tailored to needs, extensions possible at any time)
  • Central storage of all data (at customer's or Gruner's choice)
  • Cross-system availability
  • Tabular and graphical evaluations for data queries or data deductions

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