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Water-related natural hazards

Preventive Management

Effectively addressing water-related natural hazards is a paramount mission globally, and Gruner stands as the unequivocal leader in this domain. Our highly specialized engineers excel in identifying and managing a spectrum of hazards, encompassing floods, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, debris flows, and more. This article delves deep into our unwavering commitment to this vital mission, emphasizing our innovative approach, encompassing hazard mapping, local risk assessment (LRA), runoff management, driftwood control, alarm planning, scour management, and beyond.

Hazard Mapping: Identifying Risk Zones

Initiating our approach involves crafting a precise hazard map, enabling us to identify and comprehend potential threats posed by natural hazards in specific regions. Utilizing advanced mapping techniques, we pinpoint areas prone to floods, landslides, rockfalls, avalanches, and other hazards. This precise mapping guides our future interventions.

Local Risk Assessment (LRA): Understanding Local Threats

LRA is pivotal in our approach. Collaborating closely with local communities, the construction sector, and Etablissements Cantonaux d'Assurance (ECA), we develop protection concepts tailored to neighborhoods or buildings, offering local defense against natural hazards, particularly flooding.

Runoff Management: Preventing Flooding

Crucial to our work is runoff management. We engineer systems to efficiently handle rainwater runoff, mitigating the risk of flooding. Our solutions incorporate drainage channels, retention basins, and controlled runoff systems, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic integration with the surroundings.

Floating Wood Management: Preventing Obstructions

Flotsam and jetsam pose a significant threat during flash floods. Gruner excels in managing these materials carried by watercourses. Our design includes driftwood collection and evacuation systems, averting watercourse obstructions, especially around structures, and minimizing the risk of flooding.

Early Warning Systems: Swift Reaction to Danger

An essential component is an Early Warning System (EWS) for rapid response to danger. We assist communities in establishing early warning systems and response protocols, swiftly mobilizing resources when a threat is imminent. Responsiveness proves crucial in minimizing damage.

Carriage Management: Controlling Transported Materials

Carriage management extends our expertise. Through high-performance modeling tools, we design infrastructures to control materials transported by watercourses, guaranteeing bank stability and downstream residential safety.

Debris Flows: Preventing Disasters

Debris flows can result in catastrophic disasters. Gruner develops prevention and warning systems, employing advanced forecasting models to anticipate debris flows and implement preventive measures.

Gruner is steadfastly committed to natural hazard management. Our expertise in hazard mapping, risk assessment, runoff and driftwood management, early warning system design, scour management, and debris flow prevention establishes us as a trusted partner for communities facing these intricate challenges. For insights into how Gruner can enhance your water risk management project, please contact us. We eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to tailor solutions to your specific needs.


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