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ESG Asset Analysis

KPI-optimised property analysis for real estate funds and portfolios

Our comprehensive solution offers expert valuation and optimization of real estate properties and portfolios, with a strong focus on sustainability. This includes crafting detailed refurbishment plans, conducting thorough technical due diligence, and developing strategies to enhance asset value. We prioritize ensuring that properties are economically viable while also upholding environmental and social sustainability standards. Leveraging our proficiency in ESG asset and portfolio analysis, we guide you in transforming your portfolio into a beacon of sustainable value.

  • Pinpointing potential for energy optimization.
  • On-site evaluation of building physics and technology.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of energy and CO2 reduction measures.
  • Developing tailored refurbishment strategies.
  • Achieving set decarbonization goals.
  • Enhancing the appeal of financial products.
  • Aligning with tenants' sustainability objectives.

What advantages does an ESG asset analysis offer?

Identification of refurbishment potential

  • Status analysis with on-site inspection by experts
  • Validation of energy and CO2 reduction measures
  • Clear recommendations for action - "Less talking, more doing" basis for investment decisions
  • Identification of the appropriate refurbishment roadmap
  • Achievement of the specified decarbonisation

What added value does the asset analysis generate for asset management and property funds?

  • Decision security - choosing the best refurbishment strategy for the building with certainty
  • Cost transparency - reliable forecasts for upcoming measures
  • Budgets that can be planned across the portfolio
  • Reporting basis - data for ESG reporting
  • Tenant satisfaction - cost savings for tenants

What does the asset analysis include?

  • Integral view of the building with on-site inspection
  • Identification of all energy-related refurbishment measures
  • Evaluation of the measures using a 3D simulation model
  • Definition of the optimum refurbishment schedule with the help of Pareto optimisation
  • Decision-maker's report - refurbishment roadmap, individual measures and costs clearly presented

Communication with tenants and investors

  • Addressing tenants' needs in terms of indoor climate and sustainability
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the building and the financial product
  • Supporting the tenants' sustainability goals

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