Energy Production and Distribution

Energy systems design and technology

Investing in Our Energy Future

Gruner provides comprehensive engineering design and project management services in the field of energy technology and supply. We handle the design and construction of energy systems, centralised energy production facilities, and network infrastructure, including HVAC-MSR systems.

Energy Supply Concepts
We develop customized energy supply concepts tailored to our clients' specific needs, ensuring efficient and sustainable solutions for the future.

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is crucial for long-term project success. Gruner provides strategic support, helping to define clear objectives and effective pathways to achieve them.

Project Development from Concept to Commissioning
Gruner manages project development from initial concept through to commissioning. This integrated approach ensures seamless transitions between project phases, maintaining high quality and adherence to schedules.

Storage Technologies
Energy storage technologies are essential for managing the intermittency of renewable sources. Gruner develops and implements advanced storage solutions to optimize energy use.

Expertise and Client Consultation
We provide expert advice and support to clients, helping them make informed decisions and manage their energy projects effectively.

Steam Systems
Gruner designs and manages steam systems used in various industrial processes for energy and heat generation.

Combined Heat and Power Systems 
Our combined heat and power (CHP) solutions include Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) systems, cogeneration units, and Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plants, offering superior energy efficiency by combining electricity and heat production.

Local and District Heating Networks
We design and plan local and district heating networks, providing efficient and sustainable heat distribution solutions.

Heat Recovery Systems/Waste Heat Utilization
Gruner designs heat recovery and waste heat utilization systems, reducing energy waste and improving overall energy efficiency.

Low-Temperature Networks
Low-temperature networks utilize low-grade heat sources, contributing to sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

Large Heat Pump Systems
We design and install large heat pump systems, harnessing renewable energy sources to provide efficient heating and cooling solutions.

Gruner is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable energy solutions, supporting clients at every project stage, and contributing to a cleaner, safer energy future.


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