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Energy transmission and power grids

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The importance of high-voltage power lines and high-voltage switchgear is steadily growing in the wake of electricity market liberalization. Gruner boasts many years of global experience in the development, design, site supervision and refurbishment of these types of installation.

Our specialists offer in-depth expertise in substation engineering for voltages between 16kV and 400kV. These link the high-voltage grid to the electricity distribution network. Our expert services also cover power station switchgear to evacuate the generated energy. We are fully conversant with the various technical options, including outdoor substations and SF6-gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) as well as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems and station-service installations. We also conduct network analyses and other investigations into the grid connection of power plants.

Transmission & Distribution Lines

Our company has been successfully carrying out transmission lines projects in Switzerland and around the world since 1983 and has extensive experience in the use of PLS-CADD. We can conduct comprehensive studies and examine all aspects of the design and technical-economic assessment of existing or new Overhead Lines (OHL). Our services include: 

  • All stages of design, from feasibility study to commissioning
  • Analysis of overhead lines with PLS-CADD
  • Digital terrain modeling from a Lidar topographic survey
  • Overhead Line Modeling and Structural Calculations
  • Geometric, mechanical, electrical and thermal assessment
  • Full assessment of existing assets
  • Obsolescence analysis
  • Modification, optimization of OHL
  • Upgrade power transmission & voltage capacity
  • Replacement of towers, wires, optical fiber installation
  • Works supervision
  • Study of electric towers with TOWER
  • Modeling and calculations of existing or new towers
  • Expertise of existing structures, obsolescence study, corrosion
  • Tower reinforcement, modification
  • Underground/aerial transition towers
  • Works supervision
  • Optimization and improvement of reliability of the OHL
  • Modeling and 2D/3D drafts of OHL and towers
  • Analysis and design of tower foundations
  • Logistics and supply management, planning and works supervision until commissioning.

We can support you during the design, construction, expansion and upgrade of either new and existing facilities. We have a unique and much sought-after expertise in the design and construction of all types of substations:

  • Outdoor type with air-insulated equipment.
  • Indoor type with air-insulated equipment.
  • Outdoor type with gas-insulated equipment.
  • Indoor type with gas-insulated equipment.
  • Mixed technology substations.
  • Mobile and compact substations.
  • Pole-mounted substations.

Over the past two decades, Stucky has participated in the design, construction or site-works supervision of all types of substations with rated power ranging from just some MVAs to Hundreds of MVAs at voltage levels from 11kV up to 400kV.

Complete engineering solution
We are aware that substation engineering is a complex multidisciplinary engineering function. For that reason, we combine different engineering disciplines to provide a complete solution that covers the following aspects:

  • Electrical – high voltage
  • Protection and control
  • Mechanical
  • Civil – structural
  • Communications
  • Environmental

Substation Design and Project Planning Process
Our engineers have designed, supervised and commissioned various types and sizes of substations. We can support you during the complete project development process, not only from the technical perspective but also for obtaining the required permits, preparing construction budgets, time schedules, project execution plans, technical specifications and complete tendering documents for equipment and services procurement.

Other speciality services

  • Techno-economic assessment of Solar PV and Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems
  • Design & assessment of overhead lines with PLS-CADD & Tower


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