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Technology is orchestrating a profound transformation of our environment, revolutionizing the way we interact with the world around us. The AEC industry is no exception and must adapt and evolve in response to the emerging technological innovations. From sustainable design, agile principles, automation to project management tools the aim is to harmonize the fragmented ecosystem peculiar of this industry promoting standardization and cost efficiencies. 

 At gruner, we are breaking new ground within the AEC industry in terms of innovation and digital transformation, and we are ready for this transition. We prioritize efficiency, precision, and excellence in every step of the project lifecycle.  

Our Digital Engineering Solutions team is designed to reshape the way to approach engineering and construction helping customers and team members understand better, bringing more transparency, faster reactions and data driven decisions, which leads to more efficiency and greater satisfaction. We aim to achieve it by harnessing the computational power of modern technology, coupled with agility and business process reengineering.  

Through our pioneering approach, we have forged the concept of BIIM (Better Information and Innovation Management) by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies across the spectrum of our primary engineering services. This achievement is rooted in the fundamental importance of incorporating our core values into every facet of our work. These values serve as a compass, ensuring that we consistently uphold principles such as innovation, integrity, and sustainability. 


Our Digital Engineering Core Services

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BIM Modeling & multi-dimension BIM

We harness the power of Building Information Modeling (BIM) methods and processes. From standard 3D modelling to digital representation that integrates design, construction, and operational data (on demand and client-tailored based). Thus, empowering data-informed decisions that streamline the entire project lifecycle.  

We can provide support and direction through all BIM dimensions from advanced 3D model and coordination to logistics and site simulation scenarios (4D) along with quantity take off and cost evaluation (5D).

Our leverage of the most cutting-edge software and tools can ensure the maximum benefits from an early-stage digital design process. We improve efficiency and identify issues early-on in the project life cycle. We optimize site sequencing, logistics and phasing to guarantee a smooth and efficient construction journey.  

Scripting and automation-driven parametric design and analysis services

We unlock the true potential of designs with our parametric design solutions. These creative and functional designs contribute significantly to project efficiency. Our ESD (Early Stage Design) team can set free the true potential of analysis automation during the early stages of your project leveraging the core concept of Data-Driven decision making.

Our engineers leverage the power of scripting and automation to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows and improve quality while minimizing errors. We embrace technology to its core harnessing visual programming, imperative and declarative languages, RPAs and low-code/no-code solutions. 

Project life-cycle services 

Starting from the early-stage design, through reality capture and scanning, digital twin technologies and back to the construction site, our life-cycle services cover the entirety of the different demands of a project from the very beginning to the operational and maintenance phase and handover.  

  • Our state-of-the-art Scan2BIM team uses groundbreaking techniques and methodologies to capture precise data from any environment, forming the foundation for efficient and accurate design and construction processes. 
  • We bring your projects to life with digital twins, which imply having an as-built model which allows real-time monitoring, analysis, and optimization. The result is a data-driven approach to project management that maximizes efficiency. The output is carefully optimized for client’s requirements and internal Operations & Maintenance workflows. Our engineers’ knowledge along with our expertise in databases and data management can fulfil any use case scenario. 
  • Our BIM2Field team is well-equipped to bridge the gap between the design phase and the realization of your project on construction sites. We are committed to leveraging the latest digital technologies and innovations in the AEC industry to bring your vision to life in a sustainable and high-quality manner. 

BIM Consultancy and Training Services

Our comprehensive BIM training and expert consultancy services are strategically designed to provide your team with a deep understanding of digital engineering principles, information management and project coordination. By mastering these principles, your organization gains a competitive edge that goes beyond immediate project benefits, ensuring a strategic advantage in the long term.

Our approach and company auditing places a strong emphasis on optimizing project workflows. Through the integration of BIM techniques and best practices, we aim to streamline your processes, enhance collaboration, and ultimately maximize project efficiency.

Furthermore, our training programs go beyond imparting knowledge; they focus on cultivating skills and competence within your team. This investment in your staff empowers them to adapt to evolving industry advancements and tackle new challenges with confidence. 

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Our digital engineering solutions

At gruner we are unwavering in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and precision. Our professionals are devoted to delivering tailored solutions that drive efficiency and meet your unique project needs.  

Digital transformation, powered by data-driven decision-making and the utilization of data as an asset, is at the core of our Digital Engineering Services. 

3D Modeling
4D Scheduling
5D Cost Estimation
Model Coordination & Clash Detection
Field Integration with BIM2Field
Parametric Design
Visualization & VR
BIM2SIM - model-based performance simulation
Static and dynamic Model-based rendering
BIM services
Gruner infrastructure Maintenance management tool - GEMS
GIS Solutions
Early Stage Design tool
Facility management and maintenance
Project Lifecycle solutions
Model-based sustainability analysis
Energy-Efficient Renovation analysis
BIM training
BIM consultancy services
BIM consultancy services


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