Infrastructure Engineering

Railway construction

Design and Implementation of Railway Infrastructure and Superstructure Projects

At Gruner, we put our expertise and know-how at your disposal in all phases of your railway projects, whether they involve the construction, renewal or maintenance of railway superstructure. Our expertise extends to both standard and metric gauge track, ensuring accurate dimensioning and optimal track commissioning, while guaranteeing efficient maintenance.

We can also support you in the construction, renewal and maintenance of switches and crossings, whether JIC turnouts, expansion devices or derailment shoes, for both standard and metric gauges. Our support extends to new construction and renewal of equipment in the railway environment, including bringing platforms into compliance with the LHand, underpasses, noise barriers (PAB), cable networks, foundations for contact line masts or safety installation signals.

Based on the stresses and geological conditions, we dimension the railway infrastructure and drainage systems to ensure the highest quality and durability of your installations. We also design, plan and organise the construction, renewal and maintenance of level crossings, particularly of the Strail and Infundo types.

Our expertise also covers the design and installation of bumpers, bench restraint systems such as Ruglei and Bafix, and temporary bridges. We are involved in all phases of projects in the above areas, and draw up invitations to tender for railway superstructure and complete railway technology. Depending on local conditions, we offer phasing and work planning solutions tailored to your needs, with or without rail logistics, and coordinate the various specialist services such as safety installation, cables, contact line and civil engineering.

Modernising railway stations

At Gruner, we are committed to modernising railway stations to meet the current and future needs of users. Our services cover the design, planning and implementation of projects to improve accessibility, modernise infrastructure and ensure compliance with universal accessibility standards. We integrate sustainable and innovative solutions to optimise the efficiency, safety and comfort of stations. From improving access to modern facilities, we transform stations into functional, welcoming spaces that are adapted to today's needs.

We also use BIM (Building Information Modeling) services to ensure efficient, integrated management of our projects. BIM enables us to create detailed digital models, facilitating coordination between the various disciplines and stakeholders, reducing the risk of errors and optimising costs and timescales.

Track Maintenance Management, Switches and Safety Surveys

We help you manage and maintain the value of your railway assets, keeping your infrastructure in optimum condition for comfort and safety, while optimising the budget allocated to works. We assess the condition of your installations and propose appropriate maintenance measures, while advising you on the action to be taken to reduce or eliminate problems such as ravelling, abnormal wear and tear of materials, over-spacing, and others.

Our expertise is at your service for the planning, organisation and follow-up of minor and systematic maintenance, including the replacement of insulating rails and joints, turnout components, damaged sleepers, and defective or missing fasteners. We also take care of removing stuck insulating joints, repairing damaged joint welds, maintenance tamping, tightening fastening material, checking and correcting turnout dimensions, measuring and adjusting track gauge, and eliminating localised geometry faults.

With Gruner, you benefit from comprehensive expertise and high-quality support for all your rail projects, guaranteeing optimal, sustainable solutions.


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