Double-track expansion Goldach-Rorschach City

Increase in line capacity

The HGV - A projects aim to increase line capacity and improve timetable stability and flexibility. Furthermore, the station Rorschach Stadt with two 170m long outdoor platforms P55 with platform roofs and pedestrian underpass is to be newly constructed. The following structural elements are necessary for this:

  • Construction of the 1'315 meter long double track from Goldach towards Rorschach (drainage, earthworks, foundation layer, barrier layer, track construction). The integration into the single-track line is carried out with a 1:1600 split turnout, which can be driven over both lines at the new line speed (VR 110km/h).
  • The substructure and superstructure of the existing track will be completely replaced.
  • Adaptation of the level crossings BUe Mariabergstrasse (km 65,950), BUe Signalstrasse, BUe Reitbahnstrasse and BUe Industriestrasse
  • Lifting of level crossing BUe Feldmühlestrasse (km 66.180)
  • Construction of a retaining wall on the south side (L=80m) to secure the existing properties on Dufourstrasse and a retaining wall on the north side (L=35m) to secure the access to the platform
  • Construction of the new public facility Rorschach Stadt at its current location
  • Construction of new bus stops at the new train station

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  • Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB)
Processing period
  • 2012 - 2021
  • Railway construction
  • holistic management
  • Urban and regional engineering
  • Sustainable Traffic engineering solutions


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