GREEN Real Estate Engineering

Digital Studies for Procurement Support

Choose the optimal blend of urban design, architecture, investment, and sustainability using digital tools that enhance transparency and comparability. Our digital contest methodologies quantify the creative aspects of competition, aiding both public and private organizers in evaluating and selecting top-notch designs.

We assist both public and private sector clients in the meticulous analysis and assessment of digital architectural competitions. Our services provide a comprehensive comparison of project submissions, a thorough analysis of project parameters, and a vivid visualization of all dimensions, volumes, and data within an organized, user-friendly dashboard.

Our dashboard monitoring enables the effective comparison and evaluation of planners' contributions during study and competition phases, focusing on planning and building parameters. We meticulously prepare and graphically represent the data and project parameters from different planning submissions or variants for adjudication processes, accessible via a browser link. Analyzing these key performance indicators (KPIs) and their clear depiction in our digital dashboard ensures absolute comparability among project submissions and variations.


The automated evaluations of planner contributions are specifically designed to streamline the adjudication and decision-making process. We derive qualitative assessment criteria from quantitative data, ensuring a comprehensive and balanced evaluation. The features we offer include:

  • Utilisation planning and building law
  • Area and volume 
  • Form quotients
  • Utilisation chart
  • eBKP-H construction costs and work price
  • Investment costs, return, yield
  • Energy and emission parameters (construction / refurbishment, operation and mobility)
  • Efficiency path 20240
  • Urban design and volume
  • Shadow impact simulations
  • Cost calculation
  • Daylight and overheating simulation
  • Solar and PV simulation
  • Noise simulations

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