Sustainable Water Resource Management

Urban hydraulics and water drainage

The essence of sustainable urban centres

Urban hydraulics are at the heart of the smooth functioning of modern cities. Gruner is undoubtedly a pioneer in this field. By developing innovative solutions for stormwater and wastewater management, we help to ensure healthy, sustainable and resilient urban environments. Below we delve deeper into our experience in urban hydraulics, with a focus on General Drainage Plans (GEP), stormwater and wastewater networks, separation systems, street drainage and treatment systems (SABA) and urban hydrology.

General drainage plans : The basis of water management

Efficient water management in urban areas requires well-founded general drainage plans . In close cooperation with local authorities, Gruner draws up comprehensive general drainage plans that identify infrastructure requirements, assess the risk of flooding and propose sustainable solutions to ensure water quality and protect the environment.

Stormwater and wastewater networks: The art of design

Designing stormwater, wastewater and combined sewer systems is one of our core competencies. Our tailor-made systems for collecting and transporting rainwater and wastewater take into account the specific needs of each municipality and city. Our primary goal is to infiltrate rainwater wherever possible. In addition, to ensure economical water drainage while minimizing the risk of pollution and flooding.

The Sponge city

There is an increasing focus on the careful use of our water resources. Gruner offers innovative urban planning solutions for water retention, infiltration systems, greening, storage for irrigation or graywater use as well as protection against urban flash floods and surface runoff. This applies to both individual buildings and entire neighborhoods.

Separation: preserving water quality

Separation is a key approach for efficient treatment performance of wastewater treatment plants. Gruner offers solutions that separate the flows of stormwater runoff and wastewater to reduce the risk of pollutants contaminating natural water bodies. This approach contributes to the preservation of aquatic ecosystems and the protection of public health.

Street water drainage and treatment systems

Roads with habitual heavily traffic roads are a significant source of pollutants for water bodies. Gruner offers innovative systems for the drainage and treatment of road runoff, which enable the efficient treatment and throttling of wastewater. This reduces the risk of hydraulic stress in water bodies and maintains water quality.

Urban drainage: anticipating and overcoming challenges

Urban drainage requires a deep understanding of the interactions between natural and urban elements. Gruner uses its expertise to anticipate and overcome the challenges of water management in ever-changing urban environments. Hydrodynamic models simulate the behavior of stormwater, enabling efficient solutions while taking into account the dynamics of urban areas.


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Gruner is  committed to innovative and sustainable urban hydraulics. Our expertise in general drainage planning, stormwater and wastewater networks, separation systems, street water drainage and treatment systems and urban drainage makes us a reliable partner for cities and municipalities looking to optimize their water management. We are ready to work with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs. If you would like to learn more about how Gruner can contribute to your urban drainage, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you create a safer, cleaner and more sustainable urban environment

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