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What is building automation?

Building automation refers to the use of various technologies to control and manage the systems and processes within a building. This can include everything from the HVAC system and lighting to security and energy management. Building automation systems can be used to improve the efficiency of a building, making it more comfortable and convenient for occupants while also reducing operating costs. In addition, building automation can help to improve safety and security by providing alerts in the event of an emergency.

Room automation is a part of building automation where we implant an automatic and optimized room control system to guarantee minimum energy consumption. Our automatic room control system can cover all customer's requirements and bring you an optimum indoor climate and energy efficiency.

Gruner is an expert in building automation

Gruner is your best solution for building automation services. We help building's owners and managers to more efficiently and effectively operate and maintain their facilities.

By integrating various systems such as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, security, and fire safety, building automation services provide a comprehensive solution that can save time and money. Our building automation services can also help to improve comfort levels for occupants, as well as improve indoor air quality. In addition, by centrally controlling and monitoring all the systems in a building, our building automation services can help to identify and solve problems more quickly, before they cause major disruptions.

 As a result, the building automation services of Gruner can provide a wide range of benefits for both building owners and occupants by creating an efficient working environment and guaranteeing our customer's satisfaction.

A vision on Gruner's building automation, room automation services

The conception and design of an integral building automation system must always be preceded by a user and operational needs analysis for the proposed building. Working in tandem with our customers, we analyze the scheme and develop concepts, designs and construction programs, plus associated operating and maintenance regimes, for the entire M&E component of a project. With complex buildings, the design development for the entire building automation system is closely supervised by our generalists. Optimizations are implemented in collaboration with the project team.

Our experts then carry out all necessary operational fine-tuning and conduct periodic safety tests.

Picture: Roche Tower, Basel


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