Our Expertise at a glance

Gruner is organized so as to efficiently operate within the market sectors of Building Construction, Infrastructure and Energy. The highly specialized expertise of our employees and their interdisciplinary cooperation result in a very broad but specialized range of services, which is presented below by 10 competencies. Gruner combines local ties with a multinational network to provide optimal solutions for projects of all sizes.

Building Construction Management

In ensuring the smooth progression of design and construction, we adopt a variety of roles: as general planner / lead designer on new-build, refurbishment and alteration projects, we eliminate all interface problems in the design and production processes. At the design stage, we reconcile the demands of clients and architects. At the construction stage, we keep a tight grip on costs, deadlines and on-site workmanship.

Building Services Design

We develop intelligent integral concepts for buildings throughout their entire life cycle. We simulate light, shade, and climate, and bring statics, architecture, and technical inner workings together coherently in concept, implementation, and realisation. As experts in cooling, heating, and electricity from renewable energies, we are contributing to the implementation of the Energy Strategy 2050.

Energy Production and Distribution

We support energy projects – production plants, structures such as dams, distribution systems such as high voltage, transformation, and smart grid as well as strategy developments – in Switzerland and worldwide from feasibility studies to commissioning and modernisation. In doing so, we always keep an eye on technical, ecological, safety-specific and business management issues.


Regardless of facility type – whether for buildings, roads, tunnels, landfills or the open countryside – we provide surveys, analyses and counselling, and develop comprehensive solutions for our customers’ projects. Our sound decision support maximizes the benefits for the environment and humankind – in the near future and for generations to come.

Fire Safety and Building Physics

With profound expertise and a fiery commitment, we offer our customers advice and support on both small and large-scale projects in Fire safety and Building physics. All our efforts are geared to delivering a convincing solution that satisfies all criteria.

Geotechnical Engineering

The crucial parameter in foundation engineering is the condition of the subsoil, which harbours both opportunities and risks. We are extremely conscientious in seeking innovative project solutions that combine high safety standards with maximum cost-efficiency. Thanks to specialist knowledge and experience from countless civil engineering projects, we are well equipped for every new challenge.

Infrastructure Engineering

We are at home where people move and need to be cared for. We advise our customers and plan and support them in infrastructure installations for small and large needs - at local, regional, national and international level, for public and private transportation and the supply of electricity, water, district heating, district and district cooling as well as gas.

Safety, Security

We help to protect infrastructure, companies and individuals while improving security at major events. Our risk analyses and assessments enable us to pinpoint hidden dangers. We partner our customers in analyzing possible solutions and put in place effective measures that prevent minor incidents from triggering major crises.

Spatial Planning

Spatial planning faces spatial, technological, social and environmental challenges. These require both proven methods and new instruments. This is where we come in, with site developments, special use plans or master plans, right up to entire local plans. We use new technological tools, advise clients and lead participative processes for future-proof spatial structures.

Structural Design

We provide the optimum structural solutions for buildings and bridges. We are the innovative and open-minded partner on the engineering side when it comes to challenging and creative ideas in architecture. Our supporting structures deliver what they promise in terms of perception and sustainability. We are equally committed to the preservation and value-enhancing measures of structures.

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