Energy Production and Distribution

Solar power plant design and engineering

Sustainability, cost efficiency and scalability

Solar power plants use the sun's energy and can help fight climate change. Investment costs have been significantly reduced in recent years, which improves cost-effectiveness. In addition, maintenance costs are low because there are no moving parts.

We can support our clients from the early development phases up to the final project implementation phase. Our engineers use industry recognized software tools for the study, simulation and design of photovoltaic systems starting from the meteorological data, up to the system configuration, conceptual design, system performance simulation, energy yield calculation, uncertainty analysis and financial modeling.

We carry out the analysis and optimization of cost-effective, reliable microgrids, energy storage and hybrid energy systems either grid connected or off-grid applications. In addition to industry standard software tools like PVsysts and Homer Pro, we can complement the analysis with our home-made tools for data analysis and financial evaluation, as well as other specialized engineering tools used in the design of big infrastructure projects.

Gruner supports clients for the design and construction of solar and hybrid power plants – from the preliminary study to construction management.

Thanks to our experience and capabilities in the design of medium and high voltage electrical systems including substations, transmission, and distribution systems, we can provide a full range of engineering services to support the development of solar photovoltaic and hybrid renewable energy systems:

  • Site Assessment and Site Selection Support
  • Solar Resource Assessment and On-Site Measurement Campaigns
  • Energy Yield Assessment including Uncertainty Analysis
  • Solar PV Plant Design for Ground Mounted and Floating PV
  • Pre-and Feasibility Studies for Project Development
  • Techno-Economic Optimization of Solar and Hybrid Energy Systems
  • Hybridization of Solar PV into existing Hydro and Thermal Power Plants
  • Grid Integration Studies (Evaluate Grid Capacity to Manage Additional RE Power)
  • Grid Infrastructure Assessment (Transmission and Distribution Systems, Substations)
  • Economic Analysis and Financial Modelling of RE Projects
  • Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) for Grid Integration of Renewable Energy
  • Bathymetry (floating PV design)
  • Technical Risks Assessment
  • On-site investigations: Geotechnical, Hydrological, Environmental, etc.
  • EPC Requests for Proposal and Procurement Support
  • Construction Management (on-site supervision, project schedule and costs control, quality assurance, change order management support, project integration and coordination of technical interfaces, final documentation review, etc)
  • Technical Due Diligence (review of previous studies, design, technical contracts, final project documentation, risks assessment, etc.)


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