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Modern data centers are subject to highly stringent demands. Essential requirements include permanent availability, zero downtime and, increasingly, maximum energy efficiency. Fully coordinated, interdisciplinary concepts can reduce the risks. This guarantees personal safety, minimizes energy use and safeguards investments. With our 20-year-plus track record in the design of data centers, Gruner offers a single-source service.

What is data center design ?

Data center design involves the planning and implementation of sustainable data centers. This includes developing a concept for energy-efficient building operations, providing digital solutions for optimized facility management, consulting on cooling technologies and selecting the most appropriate IT infrastructure. Gruner covers all these aspects in its comprehensive project management service, along with full adherence to relevant legal regulations and standards.

What is sustainable data center design ?

Sustainable data center design is an approach that incorporates sustainable development principles into every step of the construction process – from initial concept to long-term operation. This includes using renewable energies where possible, implementing efficient power supply and consumption systems, ensuring environmental compatibility with careful selection of materials, safeguarding personal safety by complying with occupational health and safety regulations and optimizing sustainable

What are the different types of Data centers ?

Gruner offers sustainable data center design for various types of data centers. Hyperscale and modular data centers have grown in popularity over the past decade, requiring tailored cooling solutions to handle varying loads efficiently. Additionally, micro-datacenters are now being used by businesses of all sizes as a cost-effective way to provide efficient computing power at the edge. Gruner is well versed in developing sustainable designs that meet these demands while remaining compliant with relevant regulations.

What are data center requirements ?

Data centers must meet a range of requirements, including zero downtime, maximum energy efficiency and compliance with relevant legal regulations. To ensure these objectives are met, Gruner provides comprehensive project management services to coordinate all the different disciplines involved in sustainable data center design. This includes developing solutions for efficient building operations, selecting the most appropriate IT infrastructure and consulting on cooling solutions. Ultimately, this guarantees personal safety, minimizes energy use and safeguards investments for businesses of any size.

What are the the Data Center Design standards & guidelines and best practices ?

To ensure sustainable data center design, Gruner provides services both in compliance with local and international standards. Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers (TIA-942) and ISO / IEC 27001:2005 and 27001:2013 Information Security Management System Standard are two of the most important standards globally accepted; all implementations done by Gruner adhere to these standards as well as any local applicable regulations. 

All sustainable data center designs created by Gruner must comply with each standard, taking into account environmental compatibility, energy use efficiency and safety requirements. Throughout the process, our team is available to answer any questions customers may have related to sustainable data centers, ensuring that all best practices are considered from start to finish. Ultimately this guarantees sustainable, efficient data centers that meet the highest quality standards.

How do we ensure data center resilience, efficiency and security?

At Gruner, we understand the complexity of data center project planning and delivery. Our team provides technical and commercial expertise to support our clients in navigating the complexities of new build facilities or upgrades/expansions of existing data infrastructure in what is a highly regulated environment and equally competitive landscape. We work as trusted advisors across all construction stages; from site selection and evaluation to testing, commissioning, procurement (design & build or traditional contracts) and stakeholder engagement. Our services are tailored to meet our client's unique challenges, manage risks and deliver on their commercial objectives. Ultimately, this leads to sustainable, efficient data centers that can meet the challenges of today’s digital world.

Gruner follows sustainable design guidelines and best practices to ensure data centers are designed with efficiency, safety and longevity in mind.

This includes adhering to relevant codes of practice and legal requirements such as ISO 14001 & 50001. Additionally, we understand the importance of selecting materials that meet sustainable development principles while being cost-effective and efficient. Furthermore, Gruner’s sustainable data center designs include strategies for minimizing energy use as much as possible through careful selection of components such as air conditioning units, UPS systems, generators and fire protection systems.

In summary, sustainable data center design is vital for success – and Gruner is well equipped to provide reliable single-source services that meet the highest sustainable design standards. With Gruner’s experience and expertise in sustainable data center design, customers can invest in sustainable IT infrastructure that ensures personal safety, minimizes energy use and safeguards investments for businesses of any size. Ultimately, this leads to sustainable, efficient data centers that can meet the challenges of today’s digital world.


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