What makes us special

Vision, Mission and Values


 Building a future worth living in

We design, build and manage structures not only for customers but also for society and users. In doing so, we are committed to the precautionary principle and strive to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. That is why we offer sustainable solutions and continue to develop our services in line with current needs and technologies. We offer our customers reliability in terms of cost and time. Gruner - all according to plan.


Design and engineering services for better customer and construction solutions

Our planning and engineering competencies are comprehensive and advanced (global approach), our executions personal and close (local spirit). Thus, we are always what our customers need us to be: specialist, multi-specialist or generalist. At the same time, we, as an independent Swiss company, act strictly according to our values .


We are passionate, evolving, and innovative.
We work together, behave respectfully and transparently.
We act responsibly, effectively and oriented towards our common goals.

Code of Conduct (PDF)