Fire Safety and Building Physics

Fire control systems

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Because the increasing complexity of modern buildings means that fire safety often can’t be ensured with structural measures alone, technical fire safety is becoming increasingly important.

In the event of a fire, the interplay between technical fire safety installations and other systems, installations and components relevant to fire safety is ensured by the fire control systems.

Our fire control system experts cover the entire spectrum of this complex issue as well as its related subject areas – during the planning, design and operating phase.

fire alarm control tests

Prior to their first-time use, fire alarm controls are checked in integral tests, or so-called operating principle tests are carried out. Also possible are extended tests of building technology systems, so-called full rehearsals.

With existing buildings recurring inspections or periodic tests of fire alarm controls are conducted.

Fire alarm control planning

The most important planning tools for fire alarm controls are concepts and matrixes. Concepts describe the basic principles of fire alarm controls, the zoning in buildings, applied control philosophy and any surrounding conditions that require consideration.

The matrix shows the fire alarm controls or links   between sensors (sources) and controlled systems, plants and facilities (actors) in accordance with project specific zoning and control philosophy per trip zone.


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