Hochbord Dübendorf

The 36-hectare Hochbord neighborhood, which has been zoned industrial since 1931, is to be transformed into a mixed, urban neighborhood with a diverse mix of uses, including residential use.

The rental apartments, which are small in size compared to the new construction projects in the surrounding area, are characterized by attractive private outdoor spaces. One challenge is the high proportion of commercial space, which must be reconciled with the needs of local residents. The different qualities of the site allow for a wide variety of uses, ranging from hotels, offices, retail and restaurants to manufacturing and residential studios. Apartments for the elderly with care facilities are also planned.

Our services:

> Implementation guide
> Fire protection planning
> Quality assurance
> Fire control concept
> Fire control matrix
> Plans of fire-controlled objects
> Integral tests
> Basic script
> Warm smoke tests
> Fire incident control plans

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Building Contractor
  • Immobilien-Anlagestiftung Turidomus, Zürich
  • Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen
  • Michael Meier und Marius Hug Architekten AG, Zürich
Processing period
  • 2019 - 2021
  • Fire control systems
  • Fire safety planning
  • Hot smoke tests
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