New building complex Badenerstrasse 688, Zurich

Residential space in Zurich is scarce, and buildable land is even rarer. This is precisely where the project by Senn Resources and Herzog & de Meuron comes in. It builds on the site-specific quality of Zurich townhouses and attempts to achieve an urbanity appropriate to the location through a dense and at the same time open, small-scale ensemble of houses.

Large and small houses, high and low, stand close to each other and allow views in and out of the area into all adjacent street spaces. They mark the historic center of the village vis à vis the Lindenplatz. The taller building at the corner of Badenerstrasse and Segnesstrasse fits urbanistically into the chain of high points along Badenerstrasse, the historic main artery connecting the center of Zurich via Letzigrund with Altstetten. In the rear area, a walkable, green square situation is created, which combines urbanity and retreat.

The project was planned entirely via BIM. On the fire protection side, too, the project was predominantly handled using BIM. Accordingly, an independent fire protection model was created. This model was used to check all relevant implementation plans and to create a partitioning guideline including a representation of all partitions.

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Building Contractor
  • Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen
  • Senn Resources AG, St. Gallen
  • Herzog & de Meuron, Basel
Processing period
  • 2019 - Today
  • Fire safety planning
Referenzblatt Neubau Gebäudekomplex Badenerstrasse 688, Zürich


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