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Engineering Sustainable Futures: Integrating Project Management Excellence in Hydropower and Dam construction and rehabilitation

As an independent Swiss engineering consultancy, Gruner is proud of its history and core competencies in dam and hydropower design. Water is one of our country's key natural resources. Hydropower is, and will remain, a prime energy source. It is renewable, highly efficient and climate friendly and eco-friendly. It can be used both to generate electricity and to store large quantities of energy.

The dam and hydropower services we propose cover the entire lifecycle of a dam and hydropower scheme. To date, our engineers and specialists have successfully completed well over 100 major schemes and have participated in many more for the construction, extension and rehabilitation of dams and hydropower plants in Switzerland and abroad.

We offer a wide range of engineering, consulting, project development and project management services for public- and private-sector clients. These cover all project stages, from inception and preliminary studies to works supervision and commissioning. We also cover projects of all sizes from Run-of-River to storage-type hydropower projects of 1 MW to several thousand MW. We have comprehensive experience of all the Engineering roles and thus can act as Owner’s Engineer, EPC Engineer or indeed as Lender’s Engineer. Our hydraulic and environmental engineering experts also design state-of-the-art water supply systems, river renaturalization schemes and flood control infrastructure and measures.

We have built a reputation over many decades designing and supervising the construction, rehabilitation, and modernization of some of the largest dams and hydropower plants in the world. Our expertise in dam and hydropower engineering is highly regarded and sought after both inside and outside Switzerland

Project management & contract management services

The successful planning and design of a dam project is a complex process that extends beyond the traditional realms of engineering. It requires a comprehensive project management approach, an area where Gruner excels. In this intricate process, the civil engineer, while holding primary responsibility for the structural aspects, operates within a framework that is enriched by the extensive project management and contract management services offered by Gruner.

Our project management services ensure that every phase of the dam project, from conception to completion, is meticulously planned, effectively executed, and closely monitored. This includes the coordination of the multidisciplinary team, which is vital for the integration of diverse specialist inputs in the design process. By facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among the team members, Gruner’s project management services help in harnessing the collective expertise necessary for the successful realization of the dam.

Moreover, Gruner's expertise in contract management is pivotal in navigating the complex contractual landscape that accompanies such large-scale infrastructure projects. Our services encompass contract preparation, negotiation, and administration, ensuring that all legal, financial, and technical aspects are comprehensively addressed. This not only mitigates risks but also ensures compliance with regulatory standards and alignment with client objectives.

In essence, Gruner’s project and contract management services provide a robust framework within which the civil engineer and the multidisciplinary team can efficiently and effectively work together. This holistic approach is essential in tackling the challenges and fulfilling the exacting standards required in the planning and design of dam projects.

We have extensive engineering design and supervision experience in the fields of dams, hydrology, geotechnics, hydraulics, hydraulic steel structures, power plants, energy transmission, river and water basin management, water supply and water transfer schemes and flood control.

Research and Development

We actively support Research and Development in the Sector and as a result we can now provide such innovative services as :

Hydropower and dam engineering core services

We would like to highlight several of our speciality services are:

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