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For several years now, Gruner's engineers have focused on environmental engineering technologies as one of their recognized specialties. In this field with often very sensitive implications, Gruner has both the experience and the technical skills to anticipate and solve our clients' needs.

As our world becomes increasingly intertwined, it is more important than ever to ensure that sustainable practices are being used in all facets of engineering.

Here at Gruner, we are committed to providing sustainable solutions that will benefit the environment and humankind for generations to come.

Whether it is for buildings, roads, tunnels, landfills, or the open countryside, we provide surveys, analyses and expert advise to develop comprehensive sustainable solutions for our clients’ projects. Environmental engineering sits at the interface between the production and consumption of key resources, such as water, soil, air etc. and the preservation of valuable natural systems.

Our environmental engineers are tasked with finding ways to use resources sustainably and prevent pollution and degradation of the natural environment.

Thus, Gruner ensures the environmental follow-up is assured, which offers the client optimal security. Some of our areas of expertise include: quality of the built environment (asbestos, PCB, PAH, radon...), environmental, health & safety audits, management of excavation materials, groundwater modelling, and watercourse renaturation.

Our engineers and specialists are experts in the natural, industrial and social sciences, essential to understanding, designing and managing these sustainable systems. In our projects we promote the ability to engage in dialogue with other relevant stakeholders, an important skill for sustainable development.

Only by integrating environmental engineering in our daily work do we remain at the forefront of sustainable development.

With our sound decision support, we maximize the benefits for the environment and humankind – in the near future and beyond. So when you need sustainable engineering solutions, you can count on us at Gruner. With such a broad and deep array of skills at our disposal, Gruner is uniquely qualified to help you with all your environmental engineering needs.


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