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KPI-optimised investment scenarios for project development

Our data- and KPI-optimised project development visualises, simulates and calculates sustainable investment and development scenarios in the real estate sector for private and institutional investors. During and after the acquisition process, project-relevant parameters are evaluated in real time and on a project-specific basis and made available for investment decisions. The investment scenarios are communicated to customers via a dashboard and visualised in graphics.

  • KPI-optimised investment scenarios for project development
  • Potential evaluation and asset repositioning
  • Land value evaluation (residual value method)
  • Digital project development (taking plant and investment costs, area potential, EBIT / return, construction costs, energy consumption, CO2 emissions and sustainability into account)
  • Monitoring via dashboard incl. project report

Monitoring Real Estate Investments

Our investment monitoring dashboard makes it possible to evaluate various investment scenarios based on key indicators and derive decisions from them. Key project values and data are visualised graphically via a browser link. The analysis of the respective KPIs and their clear visualisation in the digital dashboard enables complete transparency and comparability during acquisition and development.

Faster decision-making

Automated analyses enable us to make decisions in the early project phases. Decisions made at this stage have a huge impact on the project.

Better quality data

Our aim is to make your decisions easier by providing a high-quality data basis. Choose from the analyses using the ESD features.

Reliable basis for decision-making

By comparing many variants and categorising them using benchmarks, decisions can be made with a high degree of certainty.


Asset Positioning

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Noise parameters

PV simulation

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