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Our suite of BIM and VDC digital engineering services, designed to elevate your projects to new heights. We specialize in 3D modelling, enabling you to visualize your designs with unmatched clarity and precision. Our 4D sequencing integrates time as a fourth dimension, allowing you to foresee project schedules and optimize workflows. With our 5D cost services, we provide accurate cost estimations, ensuring budget control at every stage.

Our model coordination and clash detection solutions prevent costly errors by identifying conflicts early in the design phase. Leveraging reality capture using cutting-edge scan technologies, we ensure accurate as-built representations. Parametric design empowers you to explore design alternatives effortlessly.

We also offer simulation and performance analysis, enabling data-driven decision-making for optimized outcomes. Furthermore, our digital twin technology creates a real-time virtual replica of your project, facilitating monitoring and maintenance. Whether you're in architecture, construction, or infrastructure, our BIM and digital engineering services provide the tools to streamline processes and enhance project efficiency. Unlock the full potential of your projects with our integrated solutions, driven by innovation and precision.

3D modelling

BIM services - 3D modelling

4D Scheduling

BIM services - 4D Scheduling

5D Cost Estimation

BIM services - 5D Cost Estimation

3D modelling

We create Building Information Modeling (BIM), a digital model of a building's physical and functional characteristics enriched with data.

4D Scheduling

Our BIM models can integrate "time" values, enabling stakeholders to visualize and simulate construction processes planning.

5D Cost Estimation

We can also integrate "cost" values allowing BOQ's, enhancing project management by enabling real-time cost analysis.

Model coordination & Clash detection

BIM services - Model coordination & Clash detection

Scan2BIM services

BIM services - Scan2BIM services

Field Integration with BIM2Field

BIM BIM services - Field Integration with BIM2Fieldservices

Model Coordination & Clash Detection

We execute clash detection, a process to identify and resolve clashes or conflicts in design elements, preventing construction issues.


We apply Scan2BIM technology that converts scanned data, such as point clouds or 3D laser scans, into as built BIM models for efficient architectural design and construction planning.

Field Integration with BIM2Field

We utilize BIM2Field, a technology bridging BIM with on-site construction, enhancing communication and efficiency by streamlining data from design to field.

Parametric design

BIM services - Parametric design

Visualisation & Virtual Reality

BIM services - Visualisation & Virtual Reality

BIM2SIM model-based performance simulation

BIM services - BIM2SIM model-based performance simulation

Parametric Design

Our Parametric design team use a dynamic approach using mathematical parameters to drive the creation of shapes and structures, enabling flexibility and rapid adaptability.

Visualization & Virtual Reality

We operate Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions enhancing users in a simulated environment enabling interactive experiences.

BIM2SIM - model-based performance simulation

We intergrate our BIM models and data into Simulation platforms, enhancing design, analysis, and decision-making in construction and infrastructure projects.

Static and dynamic model-based rendering

BIM services - Static and dynamic model-based rendering

Static and dynamic Model-based rendering

We transform our BIM models into realistic representations, creating lifelike 3D images and videos for better design visualization and communication.


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